Admission Requirements and Procedure


FOR GRADE 7 (SY 2021-2022)
I.  September - October 2020:  Preparation period
1. Prepare the following documents that need to be uploaded when accomplishing the online application form:
                Scanned copies are PDF files. Digital image is either PNG or JPEG
      a.  Scanned copy of the applicant’s final, completed Grades 4 and 5 report cards (SY 2018-2020)
      b.  Scanned copy of the applicant’s Grade 6 report card for the first grading period
       (SY 2020-2021) – can be uploaded in December 2020
      c.  Scanned copy of applicant’s handwritten autobiography on size A4 bond paper, one page only: basic information about the applicant, ambitions, interests/hobbies, strengths/weaknesses, reasons for applying at the AJHS, how he envisions high school education to be, among other things.
      d.  Digital image of applicant’s most recent 1”x1” ID picture in color (with white background)
      e.  Scanned copy of applicant’s birth certificate (PSA copy, does not have to be recent)
                 If the applicant is not a Filipino citizen, prepare a scanned copy of his:

  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR), AND
  • Special Study Permit issued by the Bureau of Immigration.

                If the applicant has dual citizenship, prepare a scanned copy of his:

  • Philippine passport OR
  • Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino Citizen.

      f. If the applicant is currently enrolled in a school outside the country, prepare a scanned copy of a certification from the school principal stating that the applicant is currently enrolled in their school.
2.  The parents/guardians of the applicant should take time to read the University’s Data
     Privacy Policy through the following link:
II. October-December 2020: Online application period 

Here is the link for the online application:

1. Pre-Application:
a. Go to the AJHS website ( and click ADMISSION, then click the sub-section on Application Procedure and Requirements.  The link for SIGN UP will be available on this page. Register an EMAIL ADDRESS of ONE parent, and set up a password to ACTIVATE your account.
b. Wait for confirmation through email that you can activate your account. When you do so, you will be asked to input the same email address and a new password for your LOGIN ACCOUNT. Click the link to the site again and log in using this new password. You should be able to see the application page when you log in using this password.
c. Click the “PAYABLES” button to see the amount that you have to pay (Php 700.00), along with the reference number. Pay the Application fee through any of the following options:  CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS.
 1). Over-the-counter payment through BPI or Metrobank. Instructions must be clearly followed so as to make sure that the payment is credited to the name of the applicant. Please print out the bank instructions found in the links below to guide you through the over-the-counter transaction.
2) Online payment through BPI.
3). Credit Card payment through Webpay.
b. The payment will be registered through the system. Please allot 2-3 working days for over-the-counter payments to be registered through the system.
2. After payment is made, log in to your account and accomplish the form. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO CLICK the FAQs button and READ THROUGH THE STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS to guide you through the process. Upload the required documents online through the given link. Application forms and documents will be reviewed and an email will be sent to the applicant:
a. If the documents are approved, an email will be sent through the REGISTERED Guardian account. The email will instruct you on the next steps in the alternative evaluation process. It is important that once it is returned for editing/revision, the applicant has to SUBMIT it again after he makes the necessary corrections.
b. If documents are lacking, the email will include the documents which need correction. The applicant can upload the documents again before the end of the application period.



III. March – April 2021: Release of results
Results for Grade 7 applicants will be out by March 2021. Notification will be sent by email through Edusuite Admissions.
ONLINE APPLICATION FOR TRANSFEREES (GRADES 8-9): Follow the same procedure. The link will open in March 2021. Release of results for transferees will be out in May 2021.


Payment Instructions