AJHS celebrates Teen Read Week

October 09, 2018
Brian Aljer Coballes

Teen Read Week (TRW) is an adolescent reading initiative of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA) which is being adopted by school libraries worldwide. It began in 1998 and is celebrated every October to encourage teens to spend time reading for pleasure. Nowadays, teens have so many options for entertainment so it is important to remind them to READ.
The main theme for the Teen Read Week initiative is “Read for the Fun of It,” and a sub-theme is adopted each year to serve as the basis for developing programs among school libraries all over the world. For this year, the Educational Media Center (EMC) chose “Into the Story-verse”. This sub-theme aims to encourage students to appreciate both classical and modern good reads by finding stories (novels, folk tales, biographies, autobiographies, etc.) that will bring them into different universe of imagination, creativity, and critical thinking from the Library’s collection of books, films, games, and other resources.
Week-Long Activities (October 8-12)
Open Mic Soiree
Our own version of spoken word – a broad designation of poetry for performance. Happening during lunch periods in the Library, faculty, staff, and students are invited to recite and perform on stage the beauty of world play, intonation, and voice inflection. This includes literary creation in different forms such as traditional poetry reading, storytelling, anecdotes, and poems. It also involves elements of acoustic, jazz, and folk music.
Who’s that Character?
Now on its 3rd year, this contest is based on the question-and-answer segment featured in the Pokémon anime “Who’s that Pokemon?”. Silhouettes of a popular book character will be posted in the Library and different areas of the school daily. Students and teachers will guess the mystery character and drop their answers in the designated box inside the Library. Twenty (20) participants with the correct answer will be drawn daily.
Book and Magazine Fair
In partnership with different book vendors and publishers, a book fair will be conducted for the whole week of TRW. This will be located at the ITC Bat Cave, MST Lobby, and EDSA Walk. Likewise, back issues of some magazines will be on sale in the Library.
Daily Activities
Dare-to-Wear: Book Character Costume Contest, Parade of Costumes, and Opening Ceremony (Monday, October 8, recess)
All faculty and staff are invited to be in their creative book character costumes during the opening day of the TRW. Furthermore, each class will be asked to select a group of 2-5 students to feature book characters of their chosen book series/novel/story and participate in the parade. Other students who will not be chosen as representatives are also encouraged to come in book character costumes since this will be included as added participation points for their respective class and cluster.
To start the TRW celebration, a Parade of Costumes around the campus will be conducted during recess time. The MST Lobby is the designated assembly area. This will be followed by an opening program in the Library.
Three (3) groups of students will be declared as winners per cluster. Special prizes will also be given to three (3) faculty and staff who are adjudged as wearing the best book character costume that day.
Launching of D’Lib and Library Mascot
The EMC will be launching the D’Lib Section of the Library that will feature the existing Digital Library subscription powered by Overdrive. The section will be equipped with four (4) tablets that students can use to borrow e-books from the collection.
To further promote the services and collection of ITC and Library, and with the help of the University Communication and Public Relations Office (UCPRO), the EMC came up with an official mascot based on the image of St. Stanislaus Kostka. It will be made as a standee to promote relevant activities to the EMC.
Participation Points
Each time a student/teacher participates in any of the TRW activities, his/her chosen section and cluster will get a corresponding point. Three (3) sections across all Clusters with the most number of points will get a banner (Teen Read Week Participation Winners). The Cluster with the most number of participation points will also be recognized.