Finding God in All things: This Year's AJHS Rosary Rally

November 04, 2013

It has been a tradition every October to hold school-wide Rosary prayer sessions as an opportunity for the community to give thanks and to be one with our Lord. However, the school also wishes that the students be able to hone their faith in a more personal and reflective manner. The CLE lessons teach  students that faith should not be limited merely to a set of prayers, but rather, also a personal conviction and a continuous journey towards Christ. As St. Ignatius said, we are capable of finding God in all things, be it through our friends, our experiences and even our failures.

So last October 25, instead of the usual Rosary prayer sessions, select AJHS students were asked to read their personal reflections on how they have found God through the things that they have encountered in life. Likewise, contemporary songs were performed  by some students and teachers in between the reflections.  These are  not the usual liturgical songs but the songs that dominate the internet and You Tube universe. However being faithful to the theme of the prayer session , the participants were instructed to  listen attentively to each song and to what their fellow students have to say and reflect quietly, on 3 questions“where have I encountered Christ in my life?  “What is He to me?” and “What can I do now that I have found Christ?”

A Facebook post by one of the AJHS parents, Mrs Joyce Crisanto,  who witnessed the Rosary Rally , succintly captured the spirit behind this creative approach to spiritual formation:

"Finding God in all things: this morning’s theme for the Ateneo Junior HS Living Rosary Rally which was inspired and inspiring. The musical numbers from students, teachers, and administrators were not merely a showcase of talents but truly a sharing of God-given gifts. What moved me the most were the reflections of three young gentlemen from grade 7 and two from grade 8. They spoke on faith, peace, and friendship with Jesus. I don’t think I will do them justice if I try to sum up all of what they said; but after listening to them, I strongly reminded myself that I should learn to listen to my children more.

No…I should not listen more, I should listen better – and listen really well – to what they are saying, what they are trying to say, and what they are not saying."