Grade 10 MAGISing Schedule for DAY 5, FRIDAY, Aug. 7

August 06, 2020
Ateneo de Manila Junior High School

The last day of the MAGISing Orientation Week is for the G10 kuyas of the AJHS. 

After the daily check-in at 8:00AM, the students will have a session with the cluster coordinators at 9:00AM. During this time, matters related to the four clusters will be discussed by the cluster coordinators. The class moderator’s session will follow at 11:00AM. Google meet invites to the cluster and class moderator sessions will be sent to the students through e-mail. 
The students will continue with their asynchronous G-Suite Training starting at 1:00PM as part of their preparation for the opening of the school year. It is important to note that the students should work on the training session modules at a comfortable pace. They can divide the modules into workable chunks so they will not feel overwhelmed by all the information. Please refer to the poster for the link to the G-Suite Training Session. See you all for the last day of MAGISing!