MAGISing Day 2 Schedule

August 03, 2020
Ateneo de Manila Junior High School

Tuesday, August 4, is the second day of the MAGISing Orientation week! Tuesday will be a special day for our students as they meet their new class moderators for the school year!

Day 2 will begin at 8:00AM with the daily check-in, which will be handled by the class moderators. Google Meet invites to the moderator sessions and the test classes will be sent through e-mail. The students will be given a chance to meet and to get to know their moderators better through an introduction session right after the daily check-in.

After the moderators’ session, the students will then have test classes with some of their subject teachers so that they will be able to familiarize themselves with the new learning set-up.

All students are still scheduled to undergo the GSuite training in the afternoon. Please refer to the poster for the GSuite training session link.

Once again, we would like to remind the students to look their best and to give their best when they enter their online sessions. See you all tomorrow for Day 2 of MAGISing!