Read the Ateneo JHS Online Learning Primer

July 27, 2020

Dear Students and Parents/ Guardians,

I’m sure that many of you are somehow familiar with Jesuit terms such as Magis and Cura Personalis, but it is quite likely that many of you have seldom encountered the term TANTUM QUANTUM which in English is translated to “in so much as.” TANTUM QUANTUM may be alien to many but it really is of such significance to us because it informs the way we should act and make decisions. 
TANTUM QUANTUM reminds us not to act and decide blindly, merely on the basis of hard and fast rules, but in so much as these rules help lead us to the pursuit of what is the greater good.

We are providing you copies of the JHS Online Primer (please click on the pdf document at the bottom of the page).  Evidently, the primer is quite detailed and meant to be as instructive as possible. Yet there will be times when the questions that you have are best answered not by the straightforward information found here but in the context of what will lead you to the greater good. To this, I offer TANTUM QUANTUM as a guiding principle. 

Jonny Salvador
AJHS Principal