Kawayan Para Sa Tacloban

December 09, 2013

It is in the midst of adversity that we have always found the jewel of creativity.  From the main call for support by the Ateneo University for cash donations to the victimes of Yolanda, we have witnessed the emergence of  countless other forms of help .  Efforts that in turn inspire others to contribute in whatever creative means they can best do so.
And so it is for the Ateneo Junior High School that Fr Jett Villarin’s assertion that “The Filipino Spirit will not be Broken “ becames the inspiration for its  fund raising campaign for the victims of Yolanda. A  campaign entitled Kawayan Para sa Tacloban .
Some weeks prior to the Yolanda storm, a group of student leaders from Junior High School, interested in more creative ways of promoting Bigay Puso, manufactured one Kawayan Alkansiya each per class. Together with this were plans to hold competitions among classes to produce the heaviest alkansiya. Unbeknownst to them, the relevance of the kawayan alkansiya would present itself in the aftermath of Yolanda.  Moved by the suffering of the victims and the hope that the outpouring of help brought, the alkansiya  donated by the student leaders took on a different meaning . The kawayan alkansiya had become symbol of resilience for the victims of the storm. Hence, from their initial idea emerged the title Kawayan Para sa Tacloban .
During homeroom classes everyday, the class Alkansiya was passed around and to encourage greater giving,  the norm for the campaign was  “Pataasan, Pagaanan” .   The collections were made until the first week of December and a ceremonial opening done during intramurals.

While this small effort may be but a fragment of the many broken pieces that our country needs to put back together, in our prayers we continue to ask God, For strength, determination and willpower, to become instead of merely to wish.