AJHS Team Azul is Milcu Basketball Tournament Champion

March 23, 2018
Riza Hombre

(First row sitting from left) Juancho Villaflor, Jan Cataluna, Jyoji Itabashi, Luis Basilio, Eiller Cervo, Gian Hombre, Oliver Amazona, Joaqui Riego de Dios; (second row standing from left)  Head Coach Patrick Borjal, Jake Madamba, Earl Tanedo, Enzo Buenaseda, Organizer, Ian Espinosa, Deangelo Astorga, Mickey Pile, Seigel Nunez, Adam de Guzman, Miguel Casais, Coach Ron Camara, Sean Corral

Ateneo Team Azul bagged the 14 under championship trophy in the recently concluded 2018 Milcu Sports Basketball Tournament presented by Gotskills Premier League. This 4th-seeded team defeated the 1st-seeded Adamson University last March 17, 2018, to advance in the finals. Next in line for team Azul was the 2nd-seeded La Salle Antipolo, whom they fought in a neck-and-neck battle up to the final buzzer on March 18, 2018. Ian Espinosa made the game-winning shot off a Sean Corral pass at the baseline. Gian Hombre led the team’s shooting at the three-point area, where he made 3 straight threes in the third quarter alone and made Azul lead by two points. Mickey Pile also played well, as well as Sean Corral, Jyoji Itabashi and Enzo Buenaseda.

Said Head Coach Pat Borjal, “It was a total team effort. The boys refused to lose, even though we were down by five with 30 seconds left on the clock. I give all the credit to these boys, who fought until the very end." He adds, "Mental toughness played a big part in this game. My boys wanted to win more, that’s why we took home the trophy. Props to La Salle Antipolo also, for giving us a good fight...everyone on their team did a great job. Thank you to GotSkills, thank you to the ever supportive parents on our team, and most importantly, thank you Lord for giving us all the talent. This win is for Your greater glory.”

The members of Team Azul are Gian Hombre (9-Berno), Jake Madamba (9-Berno), Miguel Casais  (9-Fenwick), Jan Michael C. Cataluňa (9-Berchmans), Deangelo Ryan Astorga (9-Fausti), Luis Basilio (8-Isore), Nyl Eiller Cervo (9-Berchmans), Ian Espinosa (8-Isore), Seigel Nuñez (9-Kisai), Adam Maximus De Guzman (9-Fenwick), Sean G. Corral (9-Spinola), Joaqui R. Riego de Dios (9-Spinola), Mickey V. Pile (9-Baena), Lorenzo Buenaseda (9-Favre), Jyoji Itabashi (8-Aranha), Earl John Tanedo (9-Favre), Juancho Villaflor (8-Arrowsmith), and Oliver Amazona (9-Lewis). They were coached by Patrick Borjal and Ron Camara.