Born 2005/2006 Eaglets are 1st runners-up of RIFA Phase 1 football tourney

October 23, 2018

(Front row kneeling from left) Johann Alcalde, Miguel Flores, Alfonso Bacosa, James Del Valle, Daniel Tabares, Wackee Artes, Xian Tumang, Iñaki Torres, Vince Rafael, Kewl Doque; (back row standing from left) Pilo Torres, Lance Latoza, Oswald Santilices, Elronde Valdez, Lance Dizon, Iñigo Bautista, Lance Mateo, Alfonso Loja, Pio Unlay, AG de Villa, Raf Garcia, Rafaelo Cornejo, Enrique Pastor, Mantosh Hansra, Domtu Goduco, Anton Hizon, Aldous Mirafuentes, Raul Albarece

Consisting of athletes from the Junior High School and Grade School, the Ateneo de Manila Born-2005/2006 varsity football team finished the RIFA Phase 1 tournament in second place last October 20, behind eventual champion DLSZ. The members of the team are Wackee Artes (C8-Azevedo), Alfonso Bacosa (L8-Dajani), Iñigo Bautista (P8-Pongracz), Rafaelo Cornejo (P8-Pongracz), Lance Dizon (C8-Arrowsmith), Domtu Goduco (C8 Azevedo), Anton Hizon (L8-Del Castillo), Alfonso Loja (C8-Arrowsmith), Lance Mateo (P8-Pongracz), Vince Rafael (P8-Pongracz), Oswald Santilices (C8-Azevedo), Elronde Valdez (C8-Azevedo), Johann Alcalde (L7-Colombiere), Raf Garcia (P7-Pires), Mantosh Hansra (M7-Harcourt), Lance Latoza (C7-Alonso), Basti Lizares (P7-Pires), Enrique Pastor (P7-Page), Xian Tumang (L7-Corby), Pio Unlay (P7-Pires), James Del Valle (6-Bagumbayan), and AG De Villa (6-Barasoain). They were coached by Richard Torres and Aldous Mirafuentes.  

During the elimination round, the blue and white scored wins against Xavier, Hedcen, and La Salle Greenhills. The final was held in International School Manila on October 20, 2018. The final score was DLSZ-2, Ateneo-1. The sole goal of Ateneo came courtesy of Iñigo Bautista's penalty kick. 

Phase 2 of the RIFA tournament begins in November 2018.