College Class'77 Ruby Jubilarians Adopt An Eagle

July 08, 2017
Chona Castro-Floro (College’77)

Meet Bughaw, the newest member of the Ateneo College Class of 1977, which it has decided to adopt for the next five years. Bughaw was captive-bred at the Philippine Eagle Center, the conservation and breeding facility of the Philippine Eagle Foundation in Mindanao, as part of its concerted effort to save the endangered Philippine Eagle and all the other endemic birds of prey, and increase their dwindling numbers.

It was during the batch's yearly outing, this time in Davao City as the destination of choice, when the participants decided to visit the Philippine Eagle Center located in the foothiills of Mt. Apo in Malagos, Davao City. They learned of the Foundation's continuing campaign to encourage people to support their many projects. It was eventually decided that adoption would be the best way to extend the help that was so badly needed.
The "Adopt an Eagle" Project was then presented to the rest of the batch during the gathering held last March 26, 2017 at Aerie, Cervini Lounge. It was received with so much enthusiasm that donations collected during that gathering were more than enough to cover the minimum amount required for the yearly adoption fee of PhP20,000.00.  It was also decided that the sponsored adoption of an eagle by the batch would cover a period of five years, so that all batch members were encouraged to continue with their generosity for this project to be sustained until its completion. Pledges from those, who were unable to attend this affair, poured in after this was announced to the Ateneo College Class '77 on social media.
Bughaw, as we have decided to call our youngest ward, is a juvenile Pinskers Hawk Eagle, or more commonly known as the South Philippine Hawk Eagle. Often mistaken for the majestic Philippine Eagle because of the identical pattern of their wings, the Pinskers Hawk Eagle is much smaller and has only about three to four feathers on its crown, whereas the Philippine Eagle boasts a full crown.
A yearly contribution of PhP20,000.00 will go to his yearly upkeep, which includes food, vitamins, veterinary care and enclosure maintenance. Indeed, a modest amount to safeguard and ensure the continued legacy of these magnificent but endangered birds of prey.