1.       Regular Pre-Bar Review program (inclusive dates: June to November 2019)
                Start of Enrolment:    March 19, 2019 (Tuesday), 1:00 – 7:00 p.m.
                REGISTRATION FEE  :         P39,200.00
The tuition fee for the Regular Bar Review program (P39,200.00) covers both the Pre-Bar and Pre-Week, one (1) set of Summer Reviewer and the Pre-Week Notes (formerly Bar Ops Notes). Exclusions: Ateneo Blue Tips and lecture materials.
All Pre-Bar review lectures would be available via live streaming for those who are officially enrolled at no additional cost.
Lecture materials, however, shall be made available for sale upon the advice of the lecturers.
The schedule of the Pre-Bar Review will be released as soon as the syllabus for the 2019 Bar Examinations are released by the Supreme Court.

Line-up of Pre-Bar Review lecturers:

Preparing for Effective Bar Review Program and Examinations Atty. Cesar L. Villanueva
Bar Blues: Are you Ready to Take the Bar? Atty. Tanya Karina Lat


Public International Law TBA
Political Law  Atty. Jacinto D. Jimenez 
Administrative Law, Election Law, Local Govt., Public Corporation and Public Officers Atty. Alberto C. Agra 


Labor Standards Atty. Marlon J. Manuel 


Sales Atty. Alexander C. Dy 
Property Justice Hector L. Hofileña 
Partnership Atty. Joaquin P. Obieta 
Conflicts of Law   Atty. Jose Antonio S. Bernas
Torts Atty. Vivencio F. Abaño
Persons and Family Relations Atty. Melencio S. Sta. Maria
Wills Atty. Ruben F. Balane
Land Titles  Atty. Vivencio F. Abaño
Credit Transactions  Atty. Fernando Zuñiga 
Agency Atty. Jose U. Cochingyan
Obligations and Contracts  Atty. Crisostomo A. Uribe


General Principles of Taxation  Atty. Michael Dana U. Montero
Income Taxation  Atty. Terence Conrad H. Bello
Business Taxes  Atty. Michael Dana Montero
Remedies Atty. Michael Dana Montero
Tariff, Customs & Local Taxes Atty. Reynaldo Geronimo


Negotiable Instruments  Atty. Jacinto D. Jimenez
Insurance Atty. Jose Maria Hofileña
Transportation Atty. Valeriano Del Rosario
Banking Law Atty. Jose Maria Hofileña
Intellectual Property Law  Atty. Ignacio Sapalo
Corporation Law  Atty. Alexander C. Dy 


Criminal Law - Book I Judge Oscar B. Pimentel 
Special Penal Laws (Book I & I)  Justice Dennis Villa-Ignacio 
Criminal Law - Book II  Judge Oscar B. Pimentel 
Related Special Penal Laws  Justice Dennis Villa-Ignacio 


Evidence Atty. Tranquil G.S. Salvador III 
Special Proceedings  Justice Magdangal M. De Leon 
Criminal Procedure  Atty. George Stephen Aquino 
Civil Procedure  Atty. George Stephen Aquino 


  Justice Hector L. Hofileña


POLITICAL LAW  Atty. Jacinto D. Jimenez
LABOR LAW Atty. Crisostomo Uribe
              Persons and Family Relations  Atty. Amparita S. Sta. Maria 
              Sales Atty. Alexander C. Dy
              Obligations and Contracts  Atty. Crisostomo Uribe
              Property Justice Hector L. Hofileña
TAXATION  Atty. Michael Dana Montero 
COMMERCIAL LAW  Atty. Jacinto D. Jimenez 
CRIMINAL LAW  Justice Dennis Villa-Ignacio
REMEDIAL LAW  Justice Magdangal M. De Leon

1.      On-Line Bar Review Program (videos available from June to November 2019)
                   Start of Enrolment :         March 19, 2019 (Tuesday), 1:00 – 7:00 p.m.
                   Registration fee        :         P25,000.00
The Online Bar Review Tuition fee is P25,000.00 inclusive of access to the (1) lecture videos, (2) online bar review coach, and (3) PDF copies of lecture notes and handouts. The fee DOES NOT INCLUDE the Ateneo Summer Reviewers, Pre-Week Review and Pre-Week Reviewer nor Ateneo Blue Tips.
The Ateneo Online Bar Review program features pre-recorded lectures by topnotch lawyers which reviewees may access on-demand, and at their own pace and convenience. The program is offered as an alternative to on-site bar review lectures. 

  •  On-demand and up-to-date lecture videos which may be accessed anytime using one registered device owned and/or used by the reviewees.
  • The videos will be organized per bar review subject and further categorized according to subject components, i.e. Taxation Law which shall be divided into General Principles on Taxation, Income Tax, etc. The basis for the categorization shall be the Bar Syllabus. The videos will be available by June 2019.
  • Enrollees will have access to .pdf copies of the lecture handouts.
  • An online bar review tutor which may be accessed through the chat interface.
  • The online bar review is backed by the Bar Reviewers, members of the Ateneo Law School faculty, and the Fr. Joaquin G. Bernas, S.J. Institute for Continuing Legal Education research assistants. Reviewees may forward bar-related and/or lecture-related questions through chat and will be answered within 24 to 48 hours.