Ateneo Law School Academic Calendar

As of 19 November 2018
Note: This calendar is subject to change without prior notice.

Deliberation/Evaluation of TOR & Application Forms April 16-27
New Students’ Admission Results May 4
Schedule of Interviews May 15 - June 15
Independence Day (offices are closed) June (tues)12
New Students’ Interview Result July 4
Feast of St. Thomas More (offices are closed) June (fri) 22

Confirmation for 1st list May 15-21
1st Year Registration (1st list) June 29
Confirmation for 2nd list July 5-11
1st Year Registration (2nd list) July 17
4th Year July 24
2nd Year July 25
3rd Year July 26


Introduction to Law Workshop July 21
First Year Students’ Orientation July 27-28
St. Ignatius Day (no classes/offices are closed) July (tues) 31
First Year Students’  Parents’ Orientation July 30
Start of Classes, First Year (Introduction to Law) July 30 - August 4
Start of Regular Classes, All Levels August 6
Deadline for Submission of Theses August 6
Dialogue with the Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm) August 6
Mass of the Holy Spirit August 10
Red Mass August 16
Ninoy Aquino Day (no classes/offices are closed) August (Tues) 21
National Heroes Day (no classes/offices are closed) August (Mon) 27
Theses Defense Schedule September 3-October 26
Advisers’ Hour September 10-14
Philippine National Law Week September 17-21
Philippine National Law Day September 19
Mid-term Examinations October 1-10
Semestral  Faculty Meeting October 5
Alternative Class Program October 11
Pre-enlistment Schedule for Elective Courses:  
Release of Indicative Schedule of Elective Courses for 2nd Semester October 26
Issuance of Queuing Numbers for Pre-enlistment (4th Year Students) October 25
Issuance of Queuing Numbers for Pre-enlistment (3rd Year Students) October 26
Start of Pre-enlistment October 26
Deadline for Submission of Letters to the Dean for Shifting Tracks or Streams October 29
Last Day for Pre-enlistment November 4
All Saints’ Day (no classes/offices are closed) November (Thu) 1
Special Non-Working Holiday (no classes/offices are closed) November (Fri) 2
Submission of Mid-Term Grades November 5
Advisers’ Hour November 5-9
Bar Examinations November 4, 11, 18, 25
Bonifacio Day (no classes/offices are closed) November (Fri) 30
Final Examinations December -13
Feast of the Immaculate Conception (no classes/offices are closed) December (Sat) 8
Semestral Break Begins December 13
Law School Christmas Party December 14
Christmas Break for Offices Begins December  20
Resumption of Offices January 3
Submission of Grades January 7
Deliberations for 1st and 2nd Year Students January 10
Deliberations for 3rd and 4thYear Students January 11
Release of Grades January 12
Registration for Second Semester
                       4th Year January 22
                       1st Year January 23
                       2nd Year January 24
                       3rd Year January 25
Start of Classes January 28
Submission of Revised Thesis (for grade withheld, mandatory revision, and redefense) February 1
Mandatory Recollection for 2nd Year Students February 2
ADMU President’s day (no classes/offices are closed) February (Mon) 4
Chinese Lunar New Year (no classes/offices are closed) February (Tues) 5
Tracking Orientation for 2nd Year February 6
Start of Bar Review Enrollment February 10
Advisers’ Hour February 11-15
Mandatory Recollection for 1st Year Students (1S, 1B, 1C) February 23
Mandatory Recollection for 1st Year Students (1D, 1E, 1F) March 2
Mid-Term Examinations March 25 - April 3
Semestral  Faculty Meeting March 29
Release of Pre-Enlistment Forms for Electives (Incoming 3rd and 4th Year Students for AY 2019-2020) April 5     
Mandatory Retreat for Seniors (4a, 4b) April 7-8
Araw ng Kagitingan (no classes/offices are closed) April (Tues) 9
Submission of Pre-Enlistment Forms for Electives (Incoming 3rd & 4th Year Students for AY 2019-2020) April 12
Maundy Thursday - Black Saturday (no classes/offices are closed) April 18-20
Submission of Final Thesis April 26
Submission of Mid-Term Grades April 26
Mandatory Retreat for Seniors (4c, 4d) April 29-30
Labor Day (no classes/offices are closed) May (Wed) 1
Jesuit Legal Education for Student Leaders  TBA
Advisers’ Hour May 6-10
National Elections (no classes/offices are closed) May (Mon) 13  
Final Examinations for 4th Year Students May  27 - June 5
Final examinations for 1st Year, 2nd Year and 3rd Year Students June 3 - June 13
Semestral Break Begins:                      4th Year Students
                                                                  1st year - 3rd Year Students
June  6
June  13/14
Ignatian Silent Retreat for Students (open to all)   June 15-19
Araw ng Kalayaan June (Wed)12
Start of Bar Review June 10
Submission of Senior Grades June 21
Feast of St. Thomas More (offices are closed) June (Fri) 22
Deliberations for Seniors June 24
Release of Senior Grades June  25
Submission of Grades for Undergraduates July 2 
Deliberations for 1st Year July 3
Deliberations for 2nd Year July 4
Deliberations for 3rd Year July 5
Release of Grades for Undergraduates July 8
Baccalaureate Mass July 13
Graduation Day July 14
Faculty Development Seminar July 17-20
AY 2019-2020
Admission and Registration Period for AY 2019-2020
Application Period for AY2019-2020 Nov 2, 2018 to Feb 15,  2019
New Students’ Admission Results April 2019
Admissions Interview Period May to June 2019
Registration Period  
1st Year Registration (1st List) June 28
1st Year Registration (2nd List) July 16
4th Year Registration July 23
2nd Year Registration July 24
3rd Year Registration July 25