Are We Ready for Federalism? A Session Moderated by the Ateneo School of Government

November 02, 2016

A shift to federal government will affect every Filipino regardless of economic class or residence. Its impact will traverse every Filipino’s economic and social conditions for generations to come. Still the question remains-- are we ready for federalism? This panel features prominent experts on decentralization and federalism; and they will examine the different issues surrounding the proposal to adopt federalism. 

Some of the questions that the session intends to answer include:
  1. In order to develop, does the Philippines need federalism?
  2. Is the shift to federalism reflective of what the majority of the people want?
  3. Which form of federalism should the country adopt?
  4. Can, and how, will federalism bring about a better economy for the Philippines?
  5. Can, and how, will federalism build social cohesion?
  6. Is the Philippines ready for federalism?

Join the discussion at the 54th Annual Meeting of the Philippine Economic Society. To register, please follow this link,