‘MPM learning invaluable in personal and workplace growth’

January 13, 2015

Judge Lyn Ebora Cacha thrives on challenging situations. As the Acting Presiding Judge of Branch 38 of Metropolitan Trial Court, Branch 38 of Quezon City, Judge Cacha oversees civil and criminal cases.  With intent to advance her knowledge,   Judge Cacha embarked on further studies and is currently completing her Master in Public Management (MPM) at the Ateneo School of Government (ASoG).

“A lot of my colleagues in the legal profession were surprised that I took up MPM rather than LLM. As a judge, they think that my career would be enhanced if I take up Master of Laws. However, I took up MPM not to enhance my career but for me to gain additional knowledge on how the entire Philippine government works. The relationships of the branches of government, especially how the executive branch of the government works is a realm of government study that I felt would increase my knowledge and make me a more well-rounded Filipino,” she says.

Judge Lyn Ebora Cacha

MPM is an ASoG program that helps students build competencies in leadership, governance and public management while “allowing a more focused attention on the specific needs of the students.” The curriculum is comprised of five core courses, six elective course and two integrative courses. At the end of the program, MPM students are required to submit a Governance Innovation Report, a paper on a governance-related topic in the context of their respective organizations or institutions.

As a government official, Judge Cacha knows the importance of integrity, so when it came to choosing her post graduate school she took into account the academic institution’s academic and personal merits.
“When I chose ASoG, I know from the school’s reputation, coupled with its set of professors, that the knowledge to be gained in the school would be invaluable to my journey in my own government service,” she says.

Although the revered judge is in the midst of completing her studies, she admits that she is already applying her learnings to everyday life. Transformation leadership, Judge Cacha says, is something that is already embraced in trial and court management.

Her MPM classes have helped Judge Cacha become more flexible in dealing with people.

Judge Cacha and classmate at a presentation.

The learnings have helped “changed my work ethics, planning and event staff treatment. I know that my ‘golf bag’ of leadership style has helped me be more flexible in dealing with people and work especially in times of work crisis,” she says.  The ‘golf bag’ of leadership refers to how leaders have a set of leadership style for different situations.

Judge Cacha sits together with her classmates.

“I know that I have achieved my goal in entering this program. I have seen the government in a totally different light. My perspective in life, in government politics and undertaking, has changed and I hope, become more informed,” Judge Cacha says.

To know more about the MPM Program, visit the ASoG website at http://ateneo.edu/asg/degree.