Becoming a Church of the Poor: Philippine Catholicism after the Second Plenary Council

“"Some of these essays show that the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines has grown in her engagement with pressing and persistent problems of the nation. Others show that her laity, religious, clergy, and bishops have much to learn—and may always have much to learn—about how to speak her moral truths to a democratic secular society, and how to equilibrate her mission of speaking moral truths and her mission of speaking with the entire Body of Christ, including its most neglected and least articulate members. But the twenty-five years after Vatican II, and the twenty more years after PCP II, have also shown that there are quite a few in the Church who are willing to learn. The breath of the Holy Spirit blows ever through the Church, continually transforming her even in her least receptive moments. That is the mystery of grace.”" - From the Introduction by Eleanor R. Dionisio

Published in 2011 for the John J. Caroll Institute on Church and Social Issues. 

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