The Ateneo de Manila University Press is the supreme expression of the University's mission to contribute to nation building. Through the crafting and production of both academic and scholarly, literary as well as non-literary works, and textbooks, ADMU Press creates a forum for great and original ideas and new knowledge that weigh on life and living in our country the Philippines.



Press History

The Ateneo de Manila University Press is the University's supreme expression of engagement with the world.  The Press aims to support the University’s mission towards academic excellence and nation building through the production of both scholarly works and textbooks. 


Ateneo de Manila University Press
The original imprint of AUP, this line includes our scholarly and literary books that have undergone the double-blind review system.

Do I need a special device or program to read e-books?

Not necessarily. You can read Ateneo e-books through any of the following programs:

1. For Windows (for PC) and OS X (for Mac), you can use Adobe Digital Editions, which you can download for free.

2. For iOS X (for iPad, iPhone), you can use PocketBooks and Bluefire Reader, which you can download for free from iTunes.

I’ve paid for my book. When do I get it?

For e-books:

You can find the list of e-books you've purchased in your account, under My Library. Once the payment is confirmed via email, which may take one to two (1 to 2) business days, you can download your e-books. The status of your order payments, whether pending or confirmed, is reflected under the My Orders tab in your account. 

For print books:

I have an existing account with Ateneo University Press for print books. Can I use that account for eBook purchases?

Thank you for supporting the Ateneo de Manila University Press. However, we did not retain the old accounts from the previous site. Please sign-up for a new account!

If you need your old order history, kindly contact us; include in your email your old username and the address registered under your old account. 

Are all print books available in e-book format?

Unfortunately, not all of our current print books are available in e-book format. We do, however, print books on demand. Please get in touch with us directly for print-on-demand requests. We are currently working on digitizing most of our out-of-print books and our iconic titles, but feel free to leave a comment regarding which print books you feel should be digitized too.