Doing Philosophy: An Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person

        Written based on the core subject syllabus crafted by the Department of Education for the Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person for the Senior High School, the book begins with a general introduction to what philosophy is (chapter 1) and then focuses on the actual practice of doing philosophy (chapter 2). It then proceeds to more thematic reflections on the various aspects of the human person: The realities of embodied existence (chapter 3), the implications of existing in the world on the environment (chapter 4), and the responsibilities of human freedom (chapter 5).

        Then, having covered the basic aspects of the human person, this book moves beyond embodiment and worldliness on to dimensions of being human that implicitly broaden the understanding of human freedom: The relationship with fellow human subjects (chapter 6), the relationship with and within society (chapter 7), and the relationship with “the end” and with whatever may be beyond it (chapter 8).

        The chapters of the book were written to be related to and connected with each other, but each one can also stand on its own, so they may be treated as modules that can be rearranged or treated independently.

        Each chapter begins with opening points and questions that are broad and general enough to be adapted. These are followed by an in-depth re­flection and discussion of the concepts related to the chapter topic, with examples and cases that can serve as guides for other examples and cases. Each chapter also ends with a summary and suggested activities that can be the basis for quizzes, homework, or group activities.           

Published in 2018.

Agustin Martin G. Rodriquez, Jacqueline Marie J. Tolentino and Roy Allan B. Tolentino
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