Love Potion and Other Stories

"It all came together when Randy translated a title in my short story collection, “Apokalipsis” to “Apocalypsis” and not “Apocalypse.” More than just typography, the translation speaks of a deep religious knowledge and philosophical bent that I, in turn, have always admired in Randy’s own poetry. The translations here are a product of several coffee conversations. I am grateful for Randy’s sensitivity to my original stories in Filipino, their religious and cultural contexts, and the grace with which he turned them into his own stories in English. It is an honor to be translated by a fellow and admired writer as Randy Bustamante. It is a great loss that we said our goodbyes too soon just when he decided to dedicate himself to translating to English the many works in our national language that he treasured."

ALVIN B. YAPAN, Author of Sangkatauhan, Sangkahayupan

"Randy did very well, translating my book Breaking the Silence: A War Memoir, twenty years after, appreciating my desire to not leave the “secret place” that Antoine de Saint-Exupery had called “the land of tears” and finally “broke my silence” for the sake of posterity. He poignantly shared my story to so many more Filipinos."

LOURDES REYES MONTINOLA, Chair Emeritus, Far Eastern University

"Randy’s intellectual prowess and the ability to express his thoughts in both English and Filipino were always a wonder to behold. He viewed the world with very sharp lenses but always with kindness and compassion. He is truly missed."

CARLA PACIS, Writer, friend

Published in 2021.

Alvin Yapan, Randy M. Bustamante (trans)
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