Philosophy of Man: Selected Readings

First printed in 1986, this revised third edition maintains the outline of the first edition—The Philosophical Act, The Philosophical Approaches to the Study of Man,  The Phenomenological Method, Man as Incarnate Subjectivity, Man as Knowing, Man as Liberty, Man and Fellowman, Man and Death, Man and the Absolute. It has two new articles, Cognitional Structure by Bernard Lonergan SJ and The Human Person and the Asolute  ou by the author himself. Added to this edition are “Introduction” to the articles of each section and recommended  films.


Philosophy of Man is one of suggested references for “The Philosophy of the Human Person,” a senior high school core curriculum subject.


Professor MANUEL B. DY, JR. has been teaching philosophy at the Ateneo de Manila University for the past thirty-two years. He has also served the School of Arts & Sciences in several administrative functions as Chairperson of the Philosophy Deportment, Director of Chinese Studies Program, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, and Director of Admissions and Aid. A member of several philosophical organizations, local and international, he has lectured in several universities and conferences. Dr. Manny Dy is editor and co-author of Mga Babasahin sa Pilosopiyang Moral, Phenomenological Papers, Contemporary Social Philosophy, and Values in Philippine Education and Culture. He is founding president of the Ministry of Teaching Foundation and co-chairperson of the Technical Panel in Philosophy of the Commission on Higher Education’s Center for Excellence.

Manuel B. Dy, Jr.
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