Years before 1949, plans for a school were presented by a Jesuit to his congregation in Manila.  What was introduced then was a master plan with Envisioned more than 50 years ago, the proposal to build included a church that remained on paper for several decades. In the meantime, the school grew into a well-established university from where thousands have graduated and moved on. It was in the 90’s when major steps to execute the vision of the church finally took a more definite direction.Today, the Church of the Gesu stands as a religious icon that embodies the ideals of the Ateneo de Manila University. The church is a new and spacious structure located within the heart of the campus. This house of worship was conceived to symbolize everything the Ateneo has aspired to be and do - as Filipino, as Jesuit, and as Christian/Catholic.1 READ MORE

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At the heart of a happy Easter is the Resurrection, which is a glorious mystery. What is glorious is not always obvious or readily recognizable. Yes, the shining white of angels or the transfigured face of Jesus on the mountain can be a glorious sigh
One of these nights you just might see a green beam shooting up from the Manila Observatory here on campus. Actually, light beams are invisible. We only get to see these beams when particles scatter the radiation toward our eyes. On a clean and clear
To say that a person is an animal and therefore deserves to be slaughtered is not to play God. Not even God sees us that way.   Let me unravel those words and rewind.   There is an adulteress in the Gospel story today. She is
“Shake up the sieve and the rubbish soon appears.”   You would think that this saying from Ecclesiasticus (our first reading today) is all about shaking things up to sort out the bad from the good. It may be so but the shaking that is referred
“God did not make death.”   A reminder, not even gentle, with a terrible eeriness about it, is what we get from the very first line of Wisdom today.   Death is not dealt by God. God is the maker of life. And he does not
I propose three inequalities for our Easter reflection today. The Easter truth of Christ risen in our midst reinforces these inequalities. These inequalities are: