Years before 1949, plans for a school were presented by a Jesuit to his congregation in Manila.  What was introduced then was a master plan with Envisioned more than 50 years ago, the proposal to build included a church that remained on paper for several decades. In the meantime, the school grew into a well-established university from where thousands have graduated and moved on. It was in the 90’s when major steps to execute the vision of the church finally took a more definite direction.Today, the Church of the Gesu stands as a religious icon that embodies the ideals of the Ateneo de Manila University. The church is a new and spacious structure located within the heart of the campus. This house of worship was conceived to symbolize everything the Ateneo has aspired to be and do - as Filipino, as Jesuit, and as Christian/Catholic.1 READ MORE

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A little poem I wrote for Christmas is the starting point of our reflections tonight. Let our asking these questions lead us more closely to the Child in the manger.     Have we lost the wonder?   Cosmos is a
  You must agree John the Baptist is an unlikely Christmas character. We don't make little ornaments of him for our Christmas trees. His life seems, at best, like the Star Wars prequel The Rise of Skywalker, easily swept in the grand g
ISAIAH 7:14 “The virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall name him Emmanuel, God with us.”   LUKE 1: “Behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son and you shall name him Jesus.”   In my morning prayer, I follow
There is a Spanish video ad that I watched recently on social media, which moved me, but at the same time, disturbed me.   It says that over the last 6 years our mobile device usage has tripled. We consume more audio-visual content than
It helps to know that earth is, well, small. Not the stars, those little twinkling dots in the night sky, but the earth. The earth is the dot in the midst of countless beach balls floating on an immense ocean we call the universe.   We humans
Inverse-distance-squared. This pretty much describes the interaction between two objects in our physical world. This holds for gravity, electricity, and can even be extended to romantic intimacy. The strength of the interaction between obj