Certificate in Learning Design and Evaluation

The Learning Design and Evaluation Program is designed to develop the competencies of HR professionals, managers, and trainers in designing and evaluating training and development programs in their organization

Module I: Trainer as a Strategic Thinker

This introductory module presents a framework for Strategic Training and Development starting off with revisiting organization’s mission, vision and strategies. Participants will be equipped with tools in organization diagnosis and know-how in identifying competencies. These skills will be used in pinpointing problem areas in their organization and prioritizing needs.

Module II: Training and Development Needs Analysis

Learners will be taught skills in identifying training and development needs of employees through several data gathering methods. Participants are expected to come up with training and development needs plan for their organization at the end of this module.

Module III: Learning Design

This module presents participants with knowledge in adult learning methodologies and focuses on the actual designing of the specific intervention to address the developmental needs of an employee or group. In this module, participants will be oriented on the proper construction of objectives and the designing of the program content. An array of methodologies and aids will also be presented to assist participants in constructing their own training or development program.

Module IV: Evaluation

Evaluation is essential in getting feedback on how the intervention helped or hindered the employee in achieving their objectives. This module will familiarize the participants with Kirkpatrick’s 5 levels of evaluation and will equip learners with the skills in designing their evaluation.

Module V: Trainer Ethics

Aside from having the competencies and knowledge on designing and facilitation, it is equally important that each trainer upholds the values and ethics of a trainer. This module will orient participants in the Code of Ethics, as recommended by the Philippine Society for Training and Development, as well as other universal values and ethics for trainers.

Presentations on the Last Day

Dates Available: 
November 09, 2020 to November 16, 2020
30 000.00