Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI), often represented by one’s Emotional Quotient (EQ), refers to a wide range of skills that a person can use to manage everyday life challenges. Some researches suggest that EI is a better and a more accurate predictor of success than intelligence, represented by Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Although one’s intellectual potential may have limitations, researches have shown that emotional intelligence can be enhanced and developed.
This two-day workshop aims to explore this concept of emotional intelligence and its components: recognizing ours and other’s feelings, managing our own emotions, and influencing the actions of others.  In addition, this workshop will also explore some of the domains and competencies related to emotional intelligence such as mindfulness and empathy.
By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
1.    Display skills in managing one’s own emotions to effectively manage customers reaction and feelings.
2.    Describe different coping styles in managing stress
3.    Practice skills in managing one’s own emotion
4.    Display skills in empathic listening
Topic Outline:
·         Definition of Emotions
·         Various Models of Emotional Intelligence
·         Mindfulness Practices to Understand One’s Own Emotions
·         Empathy to Perceive Emotions of Others
·         Practices and Tools to Manage Emotions
-         Communication of Emotions

Dates Available: 
12 100.00