Ma. Regina M. Hechanova

This book documents the yearlong research that involved doing interviews, desktop research, observations and surveys with call center workers in the Philippines. It describes the nature of call center work –both its benefits as well as the issues raised against it. It looks at the emotional labor requirements of call center work and night work and their impact on the wellbeing of workers. It tackles the practice of culture masquerading and its impact on worker’s identity and organization commitment.  The book examines the factors that influence burnout and turnover among agents. It also suggests strategies to buffer the negative effects of call center work and means to retain and engage call center workers.

Ma. Regina M. Hechanova-Alampay

This book features inspiring stories of Kamay Krafts, Hapinoy, CARD-MRI Conti’s Multipurpose Cooperative, Gawad Kalinga, Rags2Riches, Pathways to Higher Education & Venture for Fundraising.

Ma. Regina M. Hechanova and Edna P. Franco

This book brings together 15 articles that will aid leaders in understanding how to best manage Filipino organizations. In the first section, Leading the Filipino, the articles focus on experiences and perspectives of Filipino workers and leaders.The next section of Leading Organizations in the Philippines, provides the reader with concrete examples of leadership in an environment of change.

Edna P. Franco, Mendiola Teng-Calleja, Ma. Regina M. Hechanova

This book is a collection of twelve chapters written by Filipino OD practitioners. Each chapter brims with relevant information and insights from a fresh prespective and with a better appreciation of OD: from its roots in the West and its growth, adaptation, and practice in the Philippines, via different OD interventions, competencies, education toward a solid future for Filipino OD Practitioners. 

There are local examples, case studies and vignettes, as well as discussion questions to help readers and users understand better key points and concepts.

Ma. Regina M. Hechanova, Edna P. Franco and Regina Galang Reyes

This book combines selected articles from the column People at Work Pulse in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The articles are based on readers’ surveys on a variety of work issues and are grouped into the following sections: employee needs and values, job prospects and opportunities, developing in one’s career, relationships at work, technology and work, and issues in the workplace.

Ma. Regina M. Hechanova and Edna P. Franco

This book was especially written for leaders whose task is to ensure viability and success of our country's organizations and for those who have taken on the challenge of teaching and developing such leaders. In this book, we present the inspiring journeys of Filipino companies that have experienced rebirth and reinvented themselves despite the odds. We hope that this book will spark new ideas, provoke readers into deeper reflection, or at the very least, affirm with greater conviction that Filipino companies can become globally competitive and sustainable. Our dream is that we can harness the knowledge and insights shared by these Filipino leaders and organizations in order that we can eventually transform our country, one organization at a time.


This book was written in partnership with the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) featuring best practices in strategic human resources management in Philippine organizations which may be helpful in developing or improving classroom discussions on this important work/organization psychology topic. 

Ma. Regina M. Hechanova and Edna P. Franco

A finalist at the 2006 National Book Awards, this book brings together research and best practices relevant to managing human resources in the Philippines. The first section entitled The Psychology of the Filipino Worker presents the values, motivations, sources of well-being, and characteristics of Filipino workers and leaders. The second section presents the Human Resource Management in Philippine organizations.

This book was written to show how general theories and concepts in organization behavior and psychology are applied in the local work setting and how the application of these are altered or modified based on the dynamics and intricacies of Philippine context and culture.

Ma. Regina M. Hechanova, Mendiola Teng-Calleja , and Renee Ann Ortega-Go

This book is a compilation of articles published in the column “Workplace Wisdom” of the Philippine Daily Inquirer from 2009 to 2011. The research-based articles aim to help leaders  and workers understand Philippine  organizations  and  workers.  The articles  are clustered  into six  themes:  The Philippine Workforce,  Leadership in the Philippines,  Developing  Employees,  Employee Well-being Issues in  the Workplace, and  Developing Organizations.