Ateneo School Cheers and Rituals

When cheers such as 'BLUE EAGLE SPELLING' and 'ONE BIG FIGHT' fill the air, people are bound to quip, "That is the Ateneo spirit." Perhaps, in a sense, they are manifestations of that spirit. But even more importantly, Ateneans should be aware that it takes a true Atenean to know that the Ateneo spirit truly lives. One finds it in various concrete instances exemplifying OBEDIENCE and SACRIFICE. It finds expression through fidelity, to God, love of Mary, and trust in the Guardian Angels. It is manifest in the unity that is evident among Ateneans. It is alive in true, Catholic, Christian, Atenean gentlemen.

1) Fidelity to the Lord which  is concretized in the Atenean's devotion to the Holy Mass, the sacred sacraments and in individual or communal daily prayer.

2) Love of Mary, the mother of God, which is imbibed by every Atenean in his thoughts and deeds, particularly in the recitation of the Holy Rosary and the wearing of the October medal.

3) Unflinching trust and gratitude to the Guardian Angels which are conveyed in the prayer "Angel of God" and in the annual celebration of the "Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels."

4) A genuinely Catholic, gentlemanly behavior which  is apparent in the Atenean's modesty in victory, magnanimity in defeat, in his strong sense of social justice, his all-embracing charity, his respect for legitimate authority, his self-reliance and in his self-control.

5)The strong bond among Ateneans which prompts them to rally around the school standard and the Cross, which make the Ateneans proud of their noble heritage as soldiers of Loyola.

(Fabilioh) 2x Fabilioh fee Fabilioh - aye Eeneecadeema eenaweena Eeneecadeema eenawa Hoorah - hoorah! Horah rah
Ateneo, Ateneo Rah! rah! rah!

Blue Eagle Spelling
(Blue Eagle Spelling) 2x
B! L! U! E!
E! A! G! L! E!
Blue Eagle, Blue Eagle, Blue Eagle, the King!


Halikinu kini kina
Halikinu kini kina
Yea bo Yea bo
Ateneo rah!
Halikinu hoo
Halikinu rah
Halikinu kini kina 
Rah rah rah!

Three Fights and a Fight, Fight Blue and White
(Three fights and a fight, fight blue and white!) 2x
Cheer Leaders: One Big ...
Crowd : FIGHT!
All: Fight Fight Blue and White Go, go Ateneo Sisboombah!
Team- team- team!

The Ateneo Athlete's Promise
Because we realize that clean athletics give health and soundness of body, vigor of mind and fortitude of soul;
Upon the shield of the House of Loyola which stands for courage and courtesy and all honorable things


First, to seek in athletic contests only the joy of physical prowess and of mental and moral discipline;

Second, to obey the spirit of the Amateur Law;

Third, to play a clean game always, disdaining to win victories unfairly, evading no rules and stooping to no deceits;

Fourth, to show at all times courtesy to rivals, never sulking in defeat nor gloating in victory;

Fifth, to be a gentleman in the athletic field and in all things; to follow that spirit of fairness, consideration and obedience, which is implied
in the word SPORTSMANSHIP; remembering that SPORTSMANSHIP is but another name for Justice and Justice is of God.