Code of Discipline

Most students, given their developmental limitation, do not yet possess the self-control of mature individuals. This is why, the school, assuming special parental authority, has set norms to help the students evolve into self-motivated, self-disciplined individuals.

For this reason, good order and behavior are emphasized in Ateneo. This is why the code of discipline should not be associated with external punishment. On the contrary, discipline is meant to be a very important tool for developing self-control and good character. It intends to achieve the following:

a. to teach justice, moral and right conduct
b. to develop proper habits
c. to teach respect for order,  the law and  to authority;
d. to appreciate the value of rules and regulations;
e. to deter students from  committing violations in the future;
f. to strengthen  character; and
g. to protect and uphold the good name of the school .
1. Rationale
2.1 School Attendance

2.1.1 Class Attendance
Students must be present on every scheduled class day. Absence from or tardiness in class due to illness, accident or emergency reasons is excused only when confirmed by the parents and approved by the school.
Students must attend all official school functions and activities which take the place of classroom activities. When lessons are held outside their classroom ( such as in the covered courts, auditorium, or in the club meeting place ) students are to be with their respective section / group throughout the entire period.
2.1.2 Truancy
A student may not leave the classroom or their assigned places during class hours and must be within the AGS compound during free periods. They are not to leave the grounds any time between their arrival and dismissal, without a written permission from the GLC. They are to take their lunch only inside the campus.
After dismissal, while waiting to be fetched, students should stay within the Ateneo Grade School Premises. Leaving the classroom or the campus without permission or for an unreasonable length of time is considered truancy.

2.132 Attendance in School Functions/Activities
Out of class activities are organized, parents are informed by means of an official letter.

a. Students joining these activities should secure the written consent of his parents and submit them to the class teacher on or before the deadline. Students who are unable to secure a written consent will not be allowed to join. The school officials are authorized to refuse to let a student join these activities if the student is deemed to be unfit to join the event.
b. During these events, rules on proper behavior and decorum expected in the classroom should consistently apply as well.
c. The schedules, special arrangements, and other special rules and regulations applicable to these events will be strictly observed.  Specific requests for students  ( to leave early or to be fetched elsewhere) will only be accommodated if  arrangements with the class teacher and the GLC is made ahead of time.
2.1.3 Absences
Students must attend all classes regularly.  As mandated by the Department of Education, a student who has been absent in excess of 20% of the total number of school days during the school year shall be dropped.

2.1.4 Tardiness
Coming on time to all classes, assemblies, exercises, and the like is expected of every Atenean.
a.   In the morning, a student is considered tardy if he is not with his class at the start of the Morning Ceremony.
b.  For periods after recess and after lunch, he is considered tardy if he is not with his class or group at the stroke of the 2nd  bell.

2.1.5 Procedure for Clearing Absence or Tardiness
Only absences due to valid reasons such as illness are excused. To be excused, a student who was absent must present a valid letter of excuse from his parent or guardian to his class teacher once he returns to school.
On the other hand, when a student is tardy for class, he must report to his GLC who will issue him an admit-to-class slip after a determination is made of the validity of his tardiness.

2.1.6 Leaving the School Campus
Aside from illness, a student may only be allowed to leave the campus during school hours only under the following circumstances:

i. when there is a written permission from his parents, in which case:

•  he presents this to the class teacher,
•  the class teacher endorses the letter to the G LC,
•  after evaluation, the GLC endorses the letter,
•  a gate pass is issued.

ii.  When a parent (or parent-substitute) picks up a student. In such an event,

•  the parent or his substitute fills up a form and presents it to the GLC
•  the GLC endorses the request, after which a gate pass is issued.

iii.  When he will have to go outside the school to attend a field trip, academic competition, sports competition or any similar undertaking as a representative of the school in which case a valid  letter/ waiver form signed by his parents or by authorized school officials are presented .

2.1.7 Suspension of Classes
Pursuant to Executive Order No. 66, prescribing rules on the cancellation or suspension of classes and work in government offices due to typhoons, flooding, other weather disturbances, and calamities, the Ateneo Grade School wishes to inform the community that the following guidelines shall be followed:

I. When Signal No. 2 or Signal No. 3 is raised by PAGASA, classes at the AGS are automatically suspended.
II. The PAGASA shall issue weather forecasts through various media outlets (radio and television), and the NDRRMC, not later than 10:00 PM of the previous day and 4:30 AM of the day of the intended cancellation of classes and work.
III. In cases where there are classes and work in the morning and suspension of classes and work is only effective in the afternoon, PAGASA should issue the forecast not later than 11:00 AM of the said day.
In such a case, the Headmaster will release an official announcement of dismissal for students already in school. The following schedule shall be followed:

Prep       AM 11:00 am GATE H DISMISSAL AREA
Grade 1 AM 11:00 am SINGSON HALL
Grades   2 & 3 11:30 am SINGSON HALL
Grades   4 & 5 12:00 nn CAFETERIA
Grades   6 & 7 12:30 pm CAFETERIA
*Prep and Grade 1 PM classes are automatically suspended.
IV.  The Headmaster’s Office will inform the community promptly as regards dismissal time for faculty.
V.    In the absence of typhoon signal warnings from PAGASA, localized cancellation or suspension of classes may be implemented by the Quezon City Mayor following the same announcement schedule being used by PAGASA.
VI.  Below is a list of media partners and social networks you can tune in to check on suspension of classes:

DZMM 630 AM  (ABS-CBN)                                                         
DZBB    594 AM  (GMA 7)                                                              
DZRH   666 AM                                                           
VII.  In case of cancellation of classes during exam week, all exam schedules are moved to the next school day.
For example:
Monday                               Tuesday                               Wednesday                        Thursday                             Friday
Filipino                                  English                                  Science                                 Math
AP                                                                                          CLE
New Schedule:
Monday                               Tuesday                               Wednesday                        Thursday                             Friday
Classes                                 Filipino                                  English                                  Science                                 Math
Suspended                         AP                                                                                          CLE
2.2 School Attire and Grooming

2.2.1 School Uniforms
All students are required to come to school in the prescribed uniform. Regular Uniform
The complete uniform worn on ordinary days consists of the following:

•             a white polo shirt with the Ateneo seal on the left breast pocket
•             a name strip and a grade level patch  sewn just above it
•             plain white undershirt
•             a handkerchief and a rosary in the pocket
•             a pair of long khaki pants or shorts (for Prep to Grade 3)
•             a black belt, white socks, and a pair of plain, low-cut, black leather shoes and
•             a school ID card worn around the neck.

Middle School students are required to tuck in their shirts. Gala Uniform
A gala uniform is prescribed for Mass days and special occasions. A complete gala uniform consists of the following:
•             a white polo barong , with the Ateneo seal,
•             a pair of black pants,
•             black socks and plain, low-cut, black leather shoes. P.E. Uniform  
A PE uniform is prescribed for PE classes, intramurals and on certain occasions like fieldtrips and the annual fiesta days . The PE shirt is given to the student during the school year. A complete PE uniform consists of the following:
•             a collarless shirt ,
•             a pair of blue shorts,
•             white socks and rubber shoes.

2.2.2 Identification Cards
Students are not allowed to bring or wear jewelry and unnecessary accessories. They are, however, required to wear their identification cards (ID) in the customary way at all times while in school. Tampering with the ID card or misuse of the ID card including the official strap is considered an offense.

2.2.3 Grooming
Every student is required to maintain a conventional, decent, and manly haircut:
•             Hair on top may not go beyond the eyebrows when pulled down.
•             Hair at the nape should be at least an inch above the tip of the shirt collar.
•             Fancy hairstyles or the unreasonable shaving of the head is prohibited.
2.4 Classroom Discipline

2.4.1 Silence Bell
At exactly 7:00 in the morning, a distinct sound will be heard to signal the start of the quiet or mind-seeting time. During this silence period, students prepare themselves for the class. Thus, all students must be seated in their proper places either doing meditative prayer or doing productive work alone.

2.4.2 School Materials
a. Every student must come to school with complete materials for class such as books, pens, notebooks, pad paper and the like.
b. He is expected to show simplicity of lifestyle in the kind of materials he brings to school. Expensive ball pens, imported notebooks and other such items are discouraged.
c. Bringing materials unrelated to schoolwork (e.g. toys, comic books, play cards, cellular phones, audio-video devices electronic gadgets etc) is also prohibited.
d. In the classroom, the students must respect the privacy of other people’s belongings such as his classmates’ schoolbags, water jugs,  the teacher's table etc
e. it is the responsibility of the student to see to it that his school materials and the personal possessions he brings to school are kept safe and secure.

2.4.3 Classroom Behavior
Attention and active participation in and out of the classroom are necessary to create an atmosphere helpful to learning.  Every student is expected to behave in a manner becoming of an Atenean by:
1.  observing decorum appropriate to the  all the various venues where school supervised activities take place  such as  in the classroom,  in extension facilities such as the chapel, in the accredited school transport service, the cafeteria, the ball courts, the pergola, the EMC, the Irwin Theatre, the Blue Eagle Gym, the football field, the swimming pool.
2.  making the most out of learning while being attentive, sitting up straight and  participating actively. By speaking in a clear voice and by refraining from talking, standing or leaving seats unless acknowledged or granted permission by the teacher.
3.  by being honest when taking tests, exams, quizzes or in class work and exhibiting proper test taking behavior.
4.  by regarding everyone : classmates, school personnel and visitors included, with courtesy and respect.

2.4.4 Leaving the Classroom

2.4.5 Form Letter to Parents

Close communication between the school and the parents helps in the students’ learning.
When letters or notices are sent to the parents through the students, the students have the responsibility to notify their parents or guardian as soon as possible. If there is a response or return slip attached, this should be brought back to school the following day.
Official documents such as report cards, letters to parents and the like should be handled with care.

2.5 Use of Facilities
2.5.1 School Plant and Geography
2.5.2 General Guidelines

To respect and care for the facilities and the natural environment in school is a way of learning to respect and care for  the environment .   This is why Ateneans should treat the school facilities with care, and should keep the gardens, buildings and the campus environment neat and clean.

2.5.3 Specific Guidelines
a. A student who inflicts damage on any property of the school, such as desks, lockers, doors, windows, bulletin boards, reading materials and the like, will be asked to replace or repair it and he will be subject to disciplinary action. Students who are found to have damaged facilities purposefully will face serious disciplinary action.
b.During recess or lunch, students may eat inside the classroom for a certain period specified by the GLC. Cleanliness and good order should always be observed. The school officials are authorized to forfeit this privilege the student is deemed to be unfit to use the facilities properly .
c. At the beginning of the school year, lockers and desks are assigned each student by the Class Teacher. Students may not change their locker or desk without the permission of their Class Teacher.
d.Whenever a class leaves the classroom for some length of time, the beadle(s) should switch off the lights and the electric fans, and lock the doors. Bags, books and other items should not be

2.5.4 Off-Limits Areas

For Safety and Order considerations certain places in the grade school campus are designated as off limits. This means that during class hours, students are not allowed to go to these areas on their own and without permission. These are:

•             The old  Prep Area and Playground ( is off limits throughout the day ).
•             Teachers' lounges, workrooms
•             Teachers washrooms,
•             The administration buildings and offices,
•             The stage and backstage of the auditorium.
•             The Primary school area is off limits to Middle School students.
•             The Middle School area is off limits to the Primary School Students.
•             The David Hall and the rock garden are off-limits to students from Prep to Grade- 5.
•             All other places outside of the Ateneo Grade School Campus

2.5.6 Blue-Goes Green
3. Restorative Discipline
3.1 Rationale
3.2 Offenses
3.2.1 Acts against Order reword
3.2.2 Acts against Security
3.2.3 Acts against Persons
3.2.4 Acts against Property
3.2.5 Acts against Truthfulness and Honesty
3.2.6 Acts against Moral Values
3.3 Disciplinary Interventions
3.3.1 The Star-Bar System
3.3.2 The Merit-Demerit System
3.4 Sanctions
3.4.1 Jug
3.4.2 Grounding
3.4.3 Warning
3.4.4 Benching
3.4.5 Suspension
3.4.6 Dismissal
3.4.7 Expulsion
3.5 Due Process in Disciplinary Cases
4. I am for Peace