Physical Plant and Student Services/ Office of Traffic Safety and Security

The physical plant and student services office is responsible for the supervision of the maintenance personnel of the Ateneo Grade School.
Included under their supervision would be the campus security guards on duty at the Grade School Campus.
The supervision , regulation and coordination with the transporation services of the Grade School are also part of the duties associated with this office.
Another vital area of supervision of the PPSS would be the cafeteria services and the health services of the Ateneo Grade School.
The Primary role of the PPSS is to create an environment that is clean and safe, peaceful and orderly, to achieve an atmosphere that is conducive to
teaching and to learning. In doing so it is the vision of the PPSS to preserve the natural environment of the AGS to maintain the man made facilities
built around the natural environment and to provide the necessary security, health, nutrition and transportation services for the students.