Grab and go! The ultimate guide to go bags

July 06, 2015

When a disaster strikes, what’s the first thing you’re going to grab? Knowing the ABCs of your emergency go bag can save lives. With the danger of calamities posing a threat to everyone, disaster literacy and preparedness is a key to survival.
As part of the its disaster preparedness efforts, the Ateneo de Manila Grade School is requiring its students, faculty, and staff members to be equipped with an Emergency Go Bag while inside the campus. These bags should be portable and readily accessible for use in an evacuation.
What is a go bag?

“A go bag is a bag, packed with essential items, that is kept ready to take away and use if a person needs to leave their home in an emergency,” states the Oxford Learners Dictionary.

What should be inside a go bag?

1.       LED flashlight
2.       Whistle
3.       Glow sticks (2 pcs.)
4.       Emergency Response Quick Guide
5.       Large garbage bag
6.       Bright bandanna
7.       250 or 335 mL bottled water (1 bottle for Grades 1-2); (2 bottles for Grades 3-6)
8.       35g energy bar
9.       Emergency identification card
10.   First-aid paper tape – Mediplast 1.25cmx5m
11.   15 mL Povidone-Iodine
12.   60 mL 70% alcohol
13.   Band aid (standard/3 pcs.)
14.   Gauze bandage – Mediplast size 2”x10yds.
The food contents of the bags must be updated quarterly and used only in case of an emergency, and are not for daily use.
Students are to provide for their own Emergency Go Bags. To make the bag standard and to help the parents look for hard-to-find items, the first three items namely: the whistle, flashlight, and glow sticks have been made available at the Ateneo Grade School Coop. The fourth item, the Quick Guide, will be printed and given as a hand-out by the school. The rest of the items may be purchased by the parents in supermarkets and department stores.
How should the contents be arranged?
While all items have to be placed preferably inside a bag, items 9-14 or the emergency ID and medical supplies should still be put together inside a small zip lock plastic to prevent them from getting wet. The whistle and LED flashlight, on the other hand, are to be worn together with the school ID. An identification card on the bag, sewn or pasted, or like a bag tag, is also recommended for easy identification.
Where are the go bags placed?

The bags are to be hung at the backrest of chairs and/or placed under desks. Faculty and staff are likewise required to provide for their own emergency kits that are placed strategically within reach inside workrooms.
Special subject rooms (Music, Art, SiPag, Computer) will likewise be equipped with Emergency Go Bags enough for an entire class.
AGS Assistant Headmaster for Student Affairs Jervy Robles reminds students that they are prohibited from using the whistle and flashlight while on school grounds. They are expected to exercise restraint and control at all times and to make sure that these items are preserved and reserved for their intended use during emergencies. Sanctions may be imposed on any student who violates this provision.