Mercado and Oblea win gold in online TKD tournament

December 07, 2021
Ateneo de Manila Grade School taekwondo jins Andre Mercado (2-Acacia), Teddy Oblea (3-Matutum), Iñigo Joven (4-Maniago), Yuan Fernando (4-Sikatuna), and Iago Decena (6-Bellarmine) harvested a total of six medals at the 2021 MAPAMASA Online Poomsae and Speed Kicking Taekwondo Championships, which were held on November 27, 2021. Leading our awardees were Andre and Teddy, who each won gold for poomsae in the Toddler Yellow Male 3 and Toddler Yellow Male 2 divisions, respectively. Iñigo won a silver award for speed kicking in the Grade School Male Blue 2 division. Yuan bagged two bronzes- one for poomsae and another for speed kicking- in the Grade School Blue Male 2 division. For his part, Iago won bronze for speed kicking in the Grade School Brown Male 1 division.