Scholarships & Financial Aid

Decisions on financial aid grants for Grade 11 SY 2020-2021 have already been released. The OAS is NO LONGER ACCEPTING applications for financial aid for Grade 11 SY 2020-2021.

In view of the Ateneo’s desire to provide quality education and leadership formation to those coming from the public school system, 100 scholarship grants will be offered in the Senior High School to academically gifted but financially challenged public school students. Although financially-challenged students from private schools may also apply for financial aid, priority will be given to students from public schools. Scholarships in the Ateneo Senior High School are given to deserving students primarily on the basis of financial need.  

Please note that application for financial aid has to be done along with the application for admission.  A student cannot apply for financial aid if he/she has not first applied for admission through the online system.  
Unlike the application for admission, the process for application for financial aid is not online. Applicants for financial aid must download the Financial Aid Application form from the link found on this page, print it, fill it up, and submit it (personally or through a representative), along with other required supporting documents, to the Ateneo de Manila High School Office of Admission and Scholarships (OAS).  The OAS is the first office in the Junior High School Administration Building.  The OAS will check the completeness of the requirements. Only applications with complete requirements will be processed.

Application Requirements and Procedures for Financial Aid

1. Scholarship and financial aid applicants must complete the Financial Aid Application form carefully, answering all questions with the aid of their parents or guardian. Applicants should not leave any item blank; they should write NA if the question is Not Applicable.
2. Applicants for Grade 11 should submit the accomplished form and the following requirements to the OAS on or before October 31, 2019
  • Letter from  parents or guardian clearly describing the family’s financial situation and justifying the need for financial aid.
  • Clear photocopy of the Final Report Card of the last completed school year
  • Clear photocopy of the parents’ Annual Income Tax Return or Certificate of Tax Withheld. For proprietors of businesses, submit a copy of the company’s Income Statement and Balance Sheet. In the absence of these documents, submit a notarized Certificate of Non-Filing of Income Tax issued by the BIR’s Revenue District Office in your area. (Bring original documents for verification.)
  • Clear photocopy of the parents’ Pay Slips for the past two (2) months
  • Photocopy of the following Utility Bills for the past three (3) months (Bring original documents for verification):
    1. Electricity
    2. Water
    3. Telephone 
    4. Credit Card/s (include all pages of the bill that show purchases made on credit)
  • Photographs of the applicant's residence (showing the full view of the whole house, kitchen and bedrooms). Attach the photos in the space provided.
  • For proprietors of micro-businesses (e.g. sari-sari stores, carinderia, print shops, etc.) also attach a photo of the front or operating area of the business.
  • Place all of the requirements in a long brown envelope with the cover page (checklist) of the application form pasted on the outer side of the envelope.

3. Documents filed in support of this application become the property of the Ateneo Senior High School and will not be returned to the applicant.

4. Applicants accepted on probation are disqualified from receiving financial aid.