AHS orgs French Legion & Klub Kulinarya join forces for French Food Fest!

November 16, 2012
Ma. Monette C. Dator

Bon Appetit!

Most students dread coming back to school from the semestral break.  But not for the members of Klub Kulinarya and French Legion.  These members had in fact been looking forward to org period for a special integrated activity called Bon Appetit, a French Food Festival.

During the sessions before the break, the org moderators and officers of both organizations  had been coordinating by exchanging recipes of French food.  The initial plan was to have members of French Legion cook alongside the members of Klub Kulinarya.  In the interest of maximizing the period, it was decided that most of the food would be brought and any cooking would be simply reheating.

Choosing a possible site to hold the event what was a challenge with about a total of eighty members from both organizations.

On November 7, 2012, both organizations met  at the Student Activity Area to hold the event.

Most of the items brought were French breads or “pain”  and pastries.   There were baguettes,  croissants, palmiers (flaky biscuits), madelines (wafer thin butter cookies similar to lengua de gato) and macarons in an assortment of colors and flavors.  Some students even brought  cheese and spreads like French butter, jam, honey and pate.

A number of  Klub Kulinarya members heated the baguettes in their ovens and even plated them decoratively.

Ms. Guerrero and Mrs. Dator, org moderators of the French Legion, presented Ms. Langit and Mrs. Frago with a box of macarons as a token of appreciation.

The highlight of the event was a surprise number from two 4F students – Edric Manahan from French Legion sang “La Vie En Rose,” accompanied by  Jedd Dy playing guitar.

Special guests that afternoon were Mr. Ron Capinding, Ms. Tine Valdelleon and Mr. Ianne Hernandez from the Office of Student Activities (OSA).

The integration did not stop there.  

The following Wednesday, November 15, after the org period, Klub Kulinarya surprised the French Legion by preparing French snacks which included a vegetable dish and a dip made from wine and cheese.