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Tulong Dunong
The Ateneo de Manila High School is urging the university community- friends, families and alumni- to donate any extra Christmas gifts, and idle household and/or office items which will be sold at the Ateneo High School fair, "Frontier." Donated items will be sold to the general public - particularly to the marginalized sector of society- at fifty percent off their market prices.. MORE...
Special Bingo games will be held at the Ateneo de Manila High School Fair on Saturday, January 26, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the AHS Covered Courts. One ticket, which costs P250, entitles the holder to ten bingo games and free entry to the school fair on Saturday morning. Prizes are the latest gadgets, such as tablets, computer peripherals, cell phones, and the like. Organized by the Ateneo. MORE...
Last January 11, 2013, the class of 2J, together with sections 2-ABLMN, went on an outbound trip to Tanay Church, Camp Capinpin and Daranak falls! The day started very early as we assembled in the 4th year quadrangle at 5 in the morning. As we wait for our moderators, we felt very excited to head to our destinations. We expected the outbound trip to be a very memorable one because that will be. MORE...
  The season of giving is being lengthened with Heto Pa Po, a Post-Christmas Outreach program for the benefit of the Ateneo de Manila High School’s Tulong-Dunong Program. Heto Pa Po urges the community, its friends, families and alumni to further self-giving and generosity by donating any extra Christmas gifts or idle or unused household or office items. All items received will be. MORE...