MS in Sustainability Management

As a graduate of MSSM, you will be able to demonstrate the following program outcomes:

  • To analyze management problems and Issues using the perspectives of systems thinking and sustainable development
  • To develop creative systems and sol;utions to management concerns, such as the implementation of sustainability vision and strategy,  minimization of ecological footprint, development of sustainable organizational culture, green marketing, and sustainability development
  • To develop tools and competencies that may be required by new situations and contexts

MS in Sustainability Management has pre-requisite courses, which may have been taken in the undergraduate level. Graduates of a management course generally do not need prerequisite courses

Pre-requisites(Minimum number of units indicated)

  • 3 units of Finance and Accounting
  • 3 units of Organizational Behaviour
  • 3 units of Marketing
  • 3 units of IT
  • 3 units of Economics
  • 3 units of Statistics
  • 3 units of Operations Management
  • 3 units of Science and Society

Core Courses (3 x 3 units)

  • LS 200:Principles of Strategic Management
  • EC271: Applied Economics for Managers
  • SOM 200: Research Methods( or any 3-unit research methods from Psychology, Economics,  Socicology-Anthropology, or Mathematics relevant to future research  and approved by academic adviser)

Major Courses (6 x 3 units)

  • DEC 240.50: Systems Thinking for sustainability
  • POM 240: Introduction to  Industrial Ecology
  • FIN 240:  Environmental Finance
  • ACC 240: Green Accounting
  • ACC 241: Sustainability Reporting
  • SOM 210: Research Report (Thesis proposal)

Electives (3 x 3 units)

  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Business Continuity, Sustainability, and Innovation
  • Leadership and Management Communication
  • Business Negotiation for Sustainability
  • Philippine Laws on Sustainability and Innovation
  • Other 200-Level courses from JGSOM, DS, ES, Economics, Psychology, Socio-Antrophology, with approval from academic adviser

Comprehensive Units (0 units)

Proposal Defense (0 units)

Thesis Units (6 units): SOM 211.02 - 211.02
Total Units: 42 units