The JSEC Challenge

JSEC Challenge is one of the most awaited school events in the Ateneo de Manila University organized by the Ateneo Management Association in partnership with the School of Management. It is a three-phased, week-long food competition that aims to provide an avenue for undergraduates of the Ateneo Loyola Schools community to practice entrepreneurship. The students are given the chance to formulate and implement their food business concepts. The winners of the challenge is given the chance to own a stall in the JGSOM Enterprise Center the following school year.

JSEC Challenge has three phases for rice meals and to-go meals. First phase is usually rice meals under the Asian cuisine. Second phase is for to-go meals like burgers, sandwiches, waffles, drinks etc. The third phase if a combination of both rice meals (non-Asian cuisine), pastas and to-go meals. 

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