Retention Requirements


Students must meet the yearly minimum major subject and general QPI requirements, as follows:

A. Major Subjects

The QPI requirements for major subjects shall be computed at the end of the 2nd semester during the freshman and sophomore years and at the end of the 1st semester during the junior year. All computations shall be on a cumulative basis. ME majors are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative QPI of 1.80, 1.90, and 2.00 at the end of their first year, second year, and third year first semester, respectively.


B. General Average (all courses)

In addition to the QPI requirement for major subjects, students are also expected to exhibit overall excellence and must maintain a cumulative QPI of at least 2.50 for all courses taken.

Students who participate in the JTA programs will undergo evaluation upon completion of the screening courses back on the JTA schedule for ME majors.


C.  Retention Policies

  • Any student who receives a grade of F or W in any subject, major or non-major, during the screening periods, shall be asked to leave the program.
  • An ME student may incur at most one (1) D in any subject. A student who gets a 2nd D will be asked to leave the program.
    • Note: Although separate grades are given for Ma18a and Ma18b will be considered as only one subject – using average grade – in applying the 1-D rule.
  • No one is allowed to underload in any given semester. Any underload will be considered sufficient reason for a student to be asked to leave the program.
    • A WP is not be allowed if this will result in an under load for the semester. WPs will only be allowed for elective subjects taken over and above the regular load for the semester.
    • NSTP/PE/CTM requirements are considered part of the semester load and must be completed before the junior year.