What is B.S MLM?

The BS Management, major in Legal Management, or LM program, is designed to create managers and entrepreneurs with a working knowledge of the legal environment within which all enterprises must operate. On top of the regular business curriculum is added a law curriculum which covers all the major components of law that are encountered in the conduct of business: taxation, labor law, partnership and corporation law, laws on intellectual property.
The course is not designed to be a preparation for law school, but has proven to be an excellent pre-law program, nevertheless.  It can be especially appropriate for students who are considering a career in law, but are not certain that it is for them. The exposure to law subjects at the undergraduate level can help these students make a final determination as to their preparedness and interest in pursuing the legal profession.
Legal Management is designed primarily to be an entrepreneurial program, giving students the theoretical as well the practical tools to effectively run an enterprise. The law subjects can provide LM graduates with a competitive edge in the increasingly legalistic business environment.
Most of the major subjects involve teamwork because this is the way the real world operates. The ability to manifest leadership and take control in a team-oriented environment are today pre-requisites for business success. Students are trained to prepare business plans that are supported by extensive market research and analysis, and are asked to execute one such business plan as a requirement for graduation.
The effective integration of both business and law courses with the liberal arts core curriculum of the Ateneo creates a holistic program that produces high-impact
leaders for business, entrepreneurship and the legal profession.