ACELT Forum Guidelines

The ACELT Forum is primarily intended for the Filipino teacher of English whose responsibility is to teach either the English language or literature (whether written in English or any local vernacular) or both in the Philippine classroom. It is also recommended for teacher trainers and educators among you who want to be updated on ideas and experiences that inform and influence the pedagogical practices of English teachers today.
This magazine contains practical papers which are drawn, in the first instance, from ACELT conferences. However, we also accept a variety of articles depending on contribution from the field. Always, our aim is to make this magazine a forum of ideas and teaching practices that English teachers from all levels can readily connect themselves with their day-to-day classroom experiences. While it is not an ISI-indexed journal, the articles are nevertheless reviewed for their pedagogical relevance and soundness.  We hope to provide a helpful resource to teachers and educators alike as well as create a venue through which many can share their experiences and expertise to a network of peers.
The ACELT Forum accepts articles on written and oral literacy, language, literacy education, teacher education, and other related topics.  The articles may include any of the following:
1.         Perspective and action research papers – these papers present broad discussions related to language, literacy, and/or literature teaching based on prevailing models in language, literacy, and/or literature pedagogy.  They may also include policy proposals and/or commentaries as well as action research papers that could help improve language, literacy, and literature education whether at the K to 12 or tertiary levels.   Submissions should not exceed 3,500 words, including the abstract and bibliography.  These papers need to include some practical pedagogical implications for the English classroom.
2.         Theory-to-Practice Articles/ Lesson Plans – These articles share practical lesson suggestions or strategies and approaches that have been tried and tested in one’s own classrooms and have been met with reasonable success. The purpose of these articles is to demonstrate how a principled understanding of a particular strategy or approach can lead to engaging and learner-centered lesson plan that can maximize student learning.  Such articles should contain a brief explanation of the strategy/ approach followed by the lesson plan which should also include the following:  focus of the lesson, teaching objectives, intended/ target audience, approximate length of lesson, lesson procedure, and assessment (if applicable).  Articles should not exceed 2,500 words, including abstract and bibliography. 
3.  Book Reviews – The ACELT Forum also accepts the evaluation of books and textbooks (both preferably but not limited to locally published material) related to language, literacy, and/or literature education.  The review must include, where appropriate, an introduction to the book and author as well as a summary of book’s main contents.  It should also include a general assessment of the qualities that make the material a helpful resource material in the promotion of language, literacy, and/or literature education (whether for students or practitioners, or both).  A book review should not exceed 1,000 words.
Views expressed in the articles are not necessarily those of the editor, ACELT, or the university. Send soft copies of all manuscripts (using Word format, 12 points, Times New Roman, double-spaced, APA format) and include a 150-word biodata of the author to the Editor. Please also use APA format of citation and referencing.  ACELT reserves the right to edit for reasons of space and brevity.