Three program designs offered in the ALLC English language curriculum:

1.    The Intensive English Language Program [IELP]
This is an intensive General English program offered from January to December with 6 modules in the year. Each module has a 6-week duration of 130-classroom hours equivalent to more than 2 semesters of the regular college English course.

The 1st cycle of 3 modules is from to January to June, the 2nd cycle, from July to December. Modules can be taken as independent programs or as part of a progressive cycle. 

2.    The Academic English Program
This is a specially-designed support program for users of English in need of advanced skills in the English language so that they can function effectively in academic settings. Its target learners are those preparing for or pursuing post-graduate studies.

3.    The Special Programs for the Professions
This is a human resource development support through short-term packages tailored to the expressed requirements of participants, groups or organizations in the professions. The modules that are most required are Business English, Oral Presentations, Technical Writing and English for Frontliners.