Core Courses in English and Literature


Purposive Communication is a three-unit course that develops students’ communicative and rhetorical competence through multimodal tasks suited to a multilingual and multicultural audience in a local or global context. It equips students with tools for critical evaluation of a variety of texts and focuses on the power of language and the impact of images to emphasize the importance of conveying messages responsibly.  Following a process-oriented approach to teaching communication, it offers extensive language use and practice and promotes opportunities for problem sensing and problem solving. Students are provided different venues to apply knowledge of rhetoric in creating communication materials that address real-world issues.


A prolific body of literature exists depicting the drama of global encounters where different cultures and perspectives play out the dynamics of conflict and search for human understanding.

This course surveys representative texts in poetry, fiction, and drama, revealing important facets of global society through cultural diversity, conflict resolution, and dialogical interaction. With close attention to genre conventions and various literary modes, students survey a range of global cultural traditions and ideas in view of honoring cultural diversity, expanding personal horizons, and fostering global citizenship.