Minor in Literature (English)

A certificate will be given to a student of any Major who completes 12 units of Literature subjects (4 subjects) namely:
Lit 126.1 or Lit 126.2    Western Literature I or II
Lit 161                             Philippine Literature in English
Lit 127.1 or Lit 127.2    Third World Literature I or II
Lit Elective                      any Literature elective of choice
  1. Submit a copy of grades to the department then secure a Load Revision Form (LRF) from ADAA.
  2. Fill out LRF. Have it signed by the Chair or the Program Coordinator and accomplish Lit minor application form.
  3. Enroll in 3 of the required literature subjects and in any literature elective of choice.
  4. When enrolled, complete all required and elective subjects with a grade no lower than C.
  5. Must submit to the department a copy of grades at the end of your course studies.