SOH Study Abroad Programs

About the SOH Study Abroad Programs

Through the SOH Study Abroad programs, qualified SOH students have the opportunity to take classes in universities abroad and have them credited towards their degree at Ateneo de Manila University. Support structures assist students in applying to destination universities and rearranging their Individual Plan of Study (IPS) in order to integrate their studies abroad with their studies at the Ateneo de Manila. Previous participants have described their study-abroad experiences as both academically enriching and personally rewarding, an important period of growth and discovery in their college lives.  Participants are also expected to be Ateneo’s unofficial student-ambassadors, helping build our relationships with our partner institutions abroad.

Students looking for something different from the usual study-abroad experience may wish to consider applying to Casa Bayanihan, in which students remain in the Philippines, but live simply for one semester with a small community of international students. Apart from regular academic classes, there is a praxis element to the program for which students spend two days out of their week spending time with a disadvantaged community. Students also pray together and receive spiritual direction. For more about Casa Bayanihan, please click here.   


SOH Summer Term Abroad Application Deadline
Wednesday, 15 February 2017, Department of Philosophy

PhilFrance Scholarships Information Session (open to prospective JTA students and to graduating seniors)
Friday, 17 February 2017, 5-6:30pm, Faber 302

A representative from the Embassy of France in Manila will facilitate the information session. Prospective JTA students interested in studying in France and senior students are encouraged to attend. Students interested in attending the session are requested to sign-up online by clicking here

Summer Term Abroad Information Session (for all four Loyola Schools)
3 February 2017, 5pm, F-AVR

Deadline for submission, SOH JTA 2018 Letter of Intent
17 October 2016, submit to the Department of Philosophy, 2/F Dela Costa Hall

30 September 2016, 5 pm, NGF Conference Room, Dela Costa Hall
7 October, 2016, 5 pm, NGF Conference Room, Dela Costa Hall