Bachelor of Arts Degree


The programs we offer are an ideal preparation for those who intend to pursue further studies in philosophy, theology, and the social sciences, and for careers in law, development work, writing, and in any work that requires insightful leadership.


Major in Philosophy

In this program, we offer training in critical and reflective thinking that will help students explore the meaning of their existence and of contemporary local and global realities. Philosophy majors are not only taught to think, but to understand things holistically as well, thus preparing them to be leaders with vision and insight. At the same time, philosophy majors are also exposed to the most important texts of the philosophical tradition. Through the encounter with these texts, they learn to read, reflect, write, and discourse with rigor and insight.

Philosophy majors can focus their studies in these areas: classical philosophical studies; politics, law, and applied ethics; society, or culture, aesthetics, and literature.


Major in Pre-divinity

Offering a concentration in the humanities and in philosophy, the pre-divinity program prepares students for graduate-level theology, as well as for careers in presbyterate and, ultimately, for ordination to the priesthood. The pre-divinity program also prepares its students for leadership in the renewal of the country’s Christian life by helping them to reflect critically and better understand the complexities of the modern world, including structures within Philippine society.