Minor in Philosophy


The Minor Degree in Philosophy is for students who feel that they want to gain the skills of philosophy or engage in philosophical thought while concentrating on other fields of study. These minors are required to take 4 additional philosophy courses that suite their interests but may also be clustered along cognate subjects like those in the fields of politics and law; applied ethics, society and culture; or culture, art, and literature.


Degree Requirements

The student fulfills the requirements for the Minor Degree in Philosophy upon passing, with a minimum grade of C, the courses listed below:


                   Ph 101: Philosophy of the Human Person I                            3 units

                   Ph 102: Philosophy of the Human Person II                           3 units

                   Ph 103: Philosophy of Religion                                                 3 units

                   Ph 104: Foundations of Moral Value                                       3 units

                   Four (4) Philosophy electives                                                  12 units


                                                                                         TOTAL                    24 units


All interested students must first meet with the Undergraduate Program Coordinator of the Department of Philosophy. The Coordinator will clarify the requirements of the Minor Program, as well as discuss with the student the track or cluster of electives that s/he may want to take. The student is afterwards required to send a letter of intent addressed to the Department Chair in order to be considered for the Program. Once accepted, the student must submit a clear copy of his/her grade report at the end of every semester in which s/he was enrolled in a Philosophy course. Before the student graduates, s/he must submit a copy of his/her transcript of records to the Department. The student will receive a certificate to indicate the completion of the program.

The minor is open to all students of any major in the Loyola Schools.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are there Philosophy courses that have pre-requisites?

Yes, there are some.   Such a subject usually requires that the student had already finished with his/her Ph 101 and 102.


Can I take more than the required four electives?

Yes, you can. However, if you receive a grade lower than C for any Philosophy subject you have taken, then you will not be awarded the Minor Degree.


When will I receive the certificate?

Once a Minor Degree student has completed all the requirements, s/he will be given the certificate in a simple ceremony held right before graduation in honor of graduating Philosophy majors and minors.