B.S. Chemistry with Applied Computer Systems

The BS Chemistry with BS in Applied Computer Systems (abbreviated CH/ACS) is a five-year double-degree program established in cooperation with the Electronics, Computer and Communication Engineering Department of the Ateneo de Manila University. Students in the CH/ACS program initially obtain a BS in Chemistry (CH) after four years of full-time study, and a BS in Applied Computer Systems (ACS) after an additional year. Formerly known as the BS Ch/CE (Chemistry with Computer Engineering) program, which in the 80's pioneered the design and fabrication of microcomputer-based data acquisition and instrumentation; the Ch/ACS program has been revised and updated to meet today's technological advances.

Students of the CH/ACS program have a full training in Chemistry (and are eligible to take the Chemistry Professional Licensure Exam), but in addition are trained to integrate computers into scientific instruments. Subjects include computer interfacing, signal processing, embedded systems, operating systems concepts, data communications and networking. Graduates find employment in consulting, manufacturing, software development and education.