Dr. Fabian Dayrit Conducts Webinars on VCO Benefits, Discovers Potential Against COVID-19

January 21, 2021
Maria Victoria Tenido

Ateneo professor discusses his groundbreaking research on the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil, an affordable and readily available aid that has huge potential in fighting off COVID-19.

Last October 2020, Ateneo Chemistry professor Dr. Fabian Dayrit conducted a series of webinars showcasing evidence-based health benefits of taking Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). These include boosting one’s immune system, aiding in the supportive care of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease patients, and fighting off COVID-19.

Entitled “Let’s Use Our Coconuts!,” the three-part webinar series explained how VCO helps the immune system fend off viruses and bacteria. The first part of the webinar called “Fats and Fallacies” tackled the misconceptions surrounding VCO. For years, scientists have named saturated fats as a factor that causes cardiovascular diseases. As such, the intake of products with many saturated fats, including VCO, has been discouraged. However, studies show that despite VCO’s high saturated fat content, it contains no cholesterol as opposed to animal fats.

The second webinar, “What’s So Special About Coconut Oil?,” discussed the many ways that coconut oil can be used. Dayrit mentioned how coconut oil protects against hair damage and can help against obesity. More importantly, Dayrit added that when VCO is ingested, it produces lauric acid that contains antimicrobial and antiviral properties. He talked about how the oil helps in the supportive care of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Research showed the multiple health benefits of VCO whether it is applied on the skin or ingested.

Called “The Tree of Life Should Yield Fruits of Prosperity,” the third webinar tackled how each part of the coconut plant had a function it could be used for. Dayrit stated that aside from VCO derived from coconut meat, the leaves and trunk could be sustainable resources for handicrafts and woodcrafts.

Aside from his webinar series, Dayrit also served as a guest speaker for a seminar hosted by the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) Division VI: Agriculture and Forestry entitled “Science and the Status of Virgin Coconut Oil as Functional Food for COVID-19.” In it, Dayrit talked about the progress of his research on how VCO could be used against COVID-19.

Most recent findings have shown that patients with mild cases of COVID-19 have experienced faster relief with their symptoms after ingesting VCO. These patients saw a drop in inflammation within 10 days, as opposed to another group that did not take VCO and saw no drastic improvement even after 30 days.

Working on his research since January 2020, Dayrit looks forward to widening the reach of the study to maximize the many benefits that the oil offers. “Virgin Coconut Oil is a very affordable and readily available functional food but offers many benefits. Let’s all take our Virgin Coconut Oil, because it works!” he says.