Soma Chakraborty Research Group

The Soma Chakraborty research group is engaged in the synthesis and modification of synthetic and natural polymers for controlled release and sequestration applications. Some of the projects are as follows:

  • Nanosize chiral molecular imprinted polymer for separation of (S) oxofloxacin from a racemic mixture
  • Nanoparticles of chitosan-PMMA polyelectrolyte complex for sequestration of organic and inorganic waste from water bodies
  • Biocatalytic synthesis of glycerol modified poly(caprolactore) hydrogels and nanoparticles for controlled delivery of drug with different hydrophilicity
  • Biocatalytic synthesis of glycerol crosslinked PMMA nanoparticles for controlled release of DEET
  • Fabrication of chitosan microparticles in the reverse micelles of benign surfactants for sequestration of overdosed drug
  • Chitosan Carrageenan semi IPN scaffold for bone regeneration
  • Chitosan Carrageenan hollow capsules for controlled release application
Photo gallery

SEM image of Chitosan subparticles studied for sequestration of overdosed drug.

Nano glycerol crosslinked PMMA synthesized by biocatalytic condensation reaction:
Studied for controlled release of DEET.

TLC plate made of nanosize chiral MIP showing the separation of racemic Ofloxacin.

Contact information and publications related to the group can be found at the profile page of Dr. Soma Chakraborty.