2007 Thesis Projects


Thesis Titles Student's Name Adviser Co-Advisers Panelists
A Study of Dynamic Power Allocation Control for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using MANETSIM, A Connection-dependent Mobile Ad Hoc Network Simulator Derrick Ang, Jose Dalino Monje   Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Mr. Cesar Pineda
Implementation of a Multi-Hop Routing Scheme from Attenuation Links Based on Temporal Rain Models Allan Espinosa Tangonan Libatique Mr. Cesar Pineda, Engr. Tristan Calasanz, Dr. Gregory Tangonan
Logic Analyzer and Word Generator Moses Benedict Olores, Mary Grace Reyes, Dexter Santos Oppus   Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Dr. Rosula Reyes, Mr. Reggie Gustilo
Implementation of a PC-Based Electro-Stimuator Device Neil Leo Castillo, Edward Cruz, Agustin Rafael Reyes Ramos Calasanz Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Mr. Carlos Oppus, Dr. Salvacion Angtuaco
Image Steganography Based on Discrete Cosine Transform and Discrete Wavelet Transform Levy Lon Abatayo, Reynaldo Guerrero Jr., Patricia Angela Reyes, Joshua Un Patron   Mr. Luisito Agustin, Dr. Felix Muga, II,  Dr. Gregory Tangonan
Hybrid Wireless Steganography System Carlos Ezequiel, Rogelio Naval Jr., Jervin Uy Tangonan   Engr, Leonara Guico, Engr. Tristan Calasanz, Ms. Catherine Ramos
Hardware and Software Implementation of an Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) Using the Systemic Platform Liana Karla Joy Gador, Real Mame, Bren Orbeta Patron   Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Mr. Luisito Agustin, Mr. Rusty Punzalan
Framework of an Interactive Video Environment Cathy Mae Favorito, Hassel Iressa Fernandez, Luigi Onglao, Danniel Sunga, Ma. Cristina Claire Tiamson Libatique Tangonan Mr. Gerardo de Leon, Mr. Carlos Oppus, Mr. Cesar Pineda
Acoustic Laser Characterization Edgardo Guevarra Jr., Fatima Aiza Medina Tangonan Libatique Engr. Tristan Calasanz, Mr. Clint Dominic Bennett
Braille System for Browsing the Web and Editing Files Feliz Grace Flores, Mary Ann Pelecio Calasanz   Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Mr. Carlos Oppus, Mr. Rex Capuno
Artificial Muscles for Active Bandage System Ma. Fatima de Lara, Ma. Theresa Rocamora, Mark Stephen Cate, Raymond Garcia, Ron Jowell Solis Tangonan Calasanz Engr. Tristan Calasanz, Mr. Carlos Oppus
Real-time Acoustic Monitoring of tropical Rain Maris Roja Akno, Vernice Casareno, Rachelle Marie De la Rama Tangonan Libatique Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Mr. Carlo Oppus, Engr. Leonora Guico, Dr. Gregory Tangonan
Project Management for RFID-based Logistics Solutions feasibility Studies on Radio Frequency  Identification (RFID) Application and Solutions on Inventory and Asset Tracking Management Benedict Balberia, Kim Derby Bartolome, Jonas Krisco Mapile, Marvin See, Gmd Tomines Guico Libatique, Tangonan, Wong Engr. Ma. Leonora Guico, Mrs. Catherine Manuela Lee Ramos, Mr. Gerardo De Leon, Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Dr. Nathaniel Libatique
Medical Database for Patient Diagnostics with wireless updating Raphaela Marise Barba, Kristel Anne Rose Biliran, Arlan Escalante Guico Libatique, Tangonan Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Mr. Reggie Gustilo, Engr. Gerardo De Leon, Engr. Ma. Leonora Guico
Room Monitoring and Control System with SMS access Anna Veronica Beterina, Jeric Macalintal, Beverly DanielleMarquez     Engr. Calasanz, Mr. Kristofferson de Ocampo, Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Dr. Carlo Oppus, Dr. Nathaniel Libatique
Implementation of a Multi-Hop Routing Scheme from Attenuation Links Based on Temporal Rain Models Allan Espinosa Tangonan Libatique Dr. Libatique, Dr. Tangonan
RFID and 2D Barcode Based Baggage Tracking System for Airports Holt Hughes, Roland Frack Libatique Tangonan Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Engr. Allan Espinosa, Engr. Obien, Engr. Cesar Pineda