Ateneo ECCE Dept launched 1st Eco Car

January 27, 2017

The body of the Eco Car

For the first time, an Ateneo team will be competing in the upcoming Shell Eco-Marathon, first against local teams in February and against the teams of different countries in March.

For the race, the AtenEco, the Shell Eco-Marathon Racing team of the Ateneo's Department of Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering (ECCE), launched their first Eco Car at the Bellarmine Field on Jan. 26, 2017.

Shell's Eco-marathon challenges students around the world to design, build, and drive a car not for speed but for efficiency.

Datu shares that AtenEco put a lot of hard work into making the Eco Car.

AtenEco members make some adjustments to the chassis of the car

“This means that schools all around the world attempt to design a car whose goal is to travel the farthest distance on a given amount of energy,” Ramona Datu, AtenEco’s Team Manager, said.

“This car has been made from scratch,” she added. “We designed everything from the mechanics and the electronics down to the aesthetics.”

Salih (left) and Mojica (right) share that AtenEco started out as a team of 8 people, which later on grew to more than 100 members. They will be competing in the local race in Pampanga in February.

AtenEco members Onur Salih and Philip Mojica shared that there were many bumps along the way. “We had 4 or 5 mock ups. We got better and better and we got to this. What we did was trial and error,” they said. “One unique thing about our team is that we’re all comprised of computer and electronic engineers so we had to learn other things as well, like mechanical engineering.”

Ateneo will be competing in the Urban Concept category under the battery-electric class where the vehicle must be subject to real world driving conditions.