ECCE Student Exchange in NAIST

January 21, 2016

Christine May C. Creayla, a graduate student from the Department of Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), went to Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) from January 4-16, 2016 for a two-week internship. NAIST, a graduate school for materials, information, and biological sciences, is a top-ranked Japanese university for both education and research.

Since 2006, NAIST has been holding the NAIST Project for Interns (NAPI) where qualified students from the ADMU are invited to the laboratory of their choice for a 2-week internship. For her internship, she went to a laboratory under the Graduate School of Information Science. Professor Michiko Inoue of the Dependable Systems Laboratory served as her mentor. During her internship, she was tasked to perform an experiment that dealt with mismatching photovoltaic cells.

Creayla said that her internship at NAIST gave her an opportunity to experience world-class scientific research. Moreover, it served as an inspiration for her to further explore science and technology and improve the state of Philippine scientific pursuit.

The internship concluded with a workshop where the interns shared their research outputs. NAPI covered the airfare and on-campus accommodation. Interns were also immersed in Japanese culture, history, and cuisine. 
Creayla was joined by ten other School of Science and Engineering (SOSE) students who also worked in different research laboratories at NAIST.