Enrichment Programs

Teacher Training

  1. The School of Science & Engineering is a member agency of the Ateneo de Manila Institute for the Science and Art of Learning and Teaching (SALT).  We offer a number of summer training programs under the SALT umbrella.  For more information, please see https://ateneosalt.org/.
  2. We offer graduate programs in science and math education.  Please see our graduate programs for more details.

Enrichment Activities for High School Students
We offer Summer Camps and other programs for students from partner high schools.  High Schools who would like to participate in these programs may contact the host offices below.  Students who are interested in these programs course their requests through their respective high schools.

  1. The Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar:  Please contact the Office of Admission and Aid of the Loyola Schools for more information .
  2. Camp InScite:  Science Camp by the School of Science & Engineering.  Please contact the Office of the Dean, School of Science & Engineering. (This is held sometime during Intersession Term, June~July.)
  3. ChemCamp:  Please contact the Department of Chemistry and the student organization Ateneo Chemistry Society or ACheS for more information.
  4. Ateneo Summer Programming Camp: Please contact the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science.

Ateneo SOSE departments and programs and affiliated student organizations host competitions for high school students.

  1. Philippine Biology Olympiad (February of each year) for High School Students
  2. Ateneo Chemistry Olympiad (February of each year) for High School Students
  3. DISCS Programming Open (February of each year) for High School Students
  4. Ateneo Biology Cup (Biology Department /BOxxx) for College Students

Internship Programs

  1. High school and college students may apply for internships at our affiliated centers.  Please contact the centers directly for details.
    1. 1. Ateneo Center for Computing Competency and Research (formerly the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center)
    2. 2 Ateneo Innovation Center
  2. Academic Departments and Programs of SOSE host a very limited number of high school internship slots for students from our partner high schools.  These are arranged at an institution-to-institution level through the SOSE Dean's Office.

High School Student Investigatory Projects
The School of Science & Engineering supports scientific and scholarly work, including high school Science Investigatory Projects (SIP). To optimize support for such endeavors, the following guidelines are put forth:

  1. SOSE faculty members may be invited as consultants or panelists for high school investigatory projects, following the guidelines below. 
  2. The SIP team must identify ahead of time the SOSE faculty member with expertise in their area of inquiry.  Please browse our websites and other information on the faculty member's research interests and publications to find out if he or she is a good match for the investigatory project.
  3. The SIP Adviser or Instructor, not the students, must send an email to the SOSE faculty member, cc: the Department Chair.
    1. 1. The email from should contain the following:
    2. 1.1 a complete description of the project (title/ objectives/ significance/ methodology/ projected budget).
    3. 1.2 an explanation of why the help of the Ateneo faculty member is needed.
    4. 1.3 a scanned copy of the official letter of request for assistance from the school head (principal or director) specifying the SIP Adviser or Instructor, the project, and the student team members; and stipulating mandatory acknowledgement of the contribution of the SOSE faculty, including sharing with Ateneo SOSE all awards and citations received by the SIP, whether during or after the conduct of the project.
    5. 2. Please be advised that certain departments may require the high school's SIP Adviser or Instructor to fill up additional forms and provide additional information:
    6. 2.1 Department of Chemistry:  http://tinyurl.com/admuchem-outside-requests
  4. Facilities or equipment are not available for use outside the Ateneo community, but some services  may be made available on a fee-for-service basis through our Centers.
    1. 1. Students, at the discretion of the laboratory managers and SOSE/Center person-in-charge, may be allowed to observe experiments related to their requested service, if any.  The Ateneo SOSE/Center person-in-charge or his or her designated research/ graduate assistants (not undergraduate university students) and the SIP adviser must always accompany the SIP student/s for these on-campus activities.
    2. 2. Students allowed to enter SOSE or Center labs must present a waiver from the school head and/or parents that the Ateneo shall not be held liable for any incident for the duration of the activity in the Ateneo campus.
    3. 3. The SIP Adviser should accompany the students at all times.