BIARI International Survey Initiative on "Students, Consumption and the Environment"

The International Survey Initiative on “Students, Consumption and Environment” aims to contribute to improving environmental education and sustainability programs, by helping universities evaluate students’ consumption patterns vis-à-vis their perceptions of impacts of human activities and awareness of global environmental issues, particularly climate change. The project, supported by the Watson Institute of Brown University, involves a comparative analysis of environmental awareness and consumption across schools in Brazil (Universidade Estácio de Sá), China (Zhejiang University) and the Philippines (Ateneo de Manila University). The project was conceptualized after the dissertation work entitled “Students, Consumption and Nature Protection: ‘Fashion is to Look Green’” of Dr. Maria Cecilia Trannin of Universidade Estácio de Sá. The grant award is being utilized to develop and field-test the survey instrument, and to design the survey protocol for a larger, worldwide survey for longer-term collaborative benchmarking and assessment.

Aside from using the results for international benchmarking, the survey initiative can therefore serve as a tool to help ADMU evaluate whether its goals for environmental education are being met. The survey instrument includes questions on activities and lifestyle, perceptions of impacts, and attitutdes and beliefs about climate change. Therefore, this study can help investigate whether current programs have to done enough to raise environmental awareness among students, and affect students’ attitudes and lifestyles. The results can be used to identify specific issues, misperceptions, and consumption patterns that need to be targeted through more innovative means in either existing or new courses. The results will also serve as input to the Ateneo Environmental Management Council (AEMC) to inform the design and communication of campus sustainability programs.

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